2005 to present

Hélicoptères Guimbal Cabri G2

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1006 2009     F-GRIL: Guimbal
1003 2008     F-WWHG: Guimbal, to F-GXRU
IXAIR F-GXRU: IXAIR Sep08-Sep10, flying from Tousses le Noble

helicon PH-WTW: Helicon Sep10-Dec13

Kahu NZ ZK-HVZ: Frontier Helicopters from Jan14
1011     F-WWHG: Guimbal, to SE-HJR
northern helicopters SE-HJR: Northern Helicopters from May10

pictured (pic1) at Linkoping-Malmen Flygdag air show

- SE-HJR: dereg 01sep15 Orsak, Exported Land France

Savoie Hélicoptères F-HKID: ButterFly at Thyez, France from Dec15; Savoie Hélicopt+
1009     F-WWHY: Guimbal, to D-HAVB
Heli Aviation GmbH D-HAVB: Heli Aviation, to ZK-IIH

- ZK-IIH: Velocity2 Aviation Ltd, Taupo, New Zealand from Jun15

w/o 15apr16 emergency landing and destroyed by fire in +
1088     F-WWHY: pictured at Aix les Milles, France
1023 2011     F-WWHZ: Guimbal, to HB-ZLJ
Heliswiss International AG HB-ZLJ: HeliSwiss May11-Jul12

Swiss Helicopter AG HB-ZLJ: Swiss Helicopter AG from Jul12
1083 2014     F-WWHZ: Guimbal: pictured at Aix les Milles, France
- OY-HJU: Air Service Nordic ApS, Denmark 2014-2015

- TC-HFC: Vizyon Havacılık, Turkey, noted Dec15
1001     F-WYHG: Guimbal

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