Del'd: 4 - 2005 to present

On February 2005 the United Arab Emirates Air Force awarded Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company a contract for eight AB139 medium-twin helicopters valued about US$83 million. Six aircraft were configured for search and rescue operations, while the remaining two were assigned to VIP transport. The UAE was the third country to choose the AB139 for SAR applications, following previous orders by the governments of Oman and Ireland.
Two AW139 have been provided by Evergreen Helicopters, under contract to UAEAF to provide SAR cover.
Later airframes listed under AW.139

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

31019 UAEAF d/d 2005; VIP
31577 aw139 UAE air force from , test serial I-RAIO
31580 aw139 UAE air force from Jan15
31603 aw139 UAE air force from Jun15
31011     2004: UAEAF d/d Feb.05; VIP
31213 aw139     2007: UAEAF VIP from Oct08
31215 aw139     2008: UAEAF VIP from Oct08
AgustaWestland Italy I-EASD: AgustaWestland, to UAE
31253 aw139     2009: UAEAF VIP from Sep09
31256 aw139     2010: UAEAF VIP from Sep09
31286 aw139     2011: UAEAF VIP from Mar10
31299 aw139     2012: UAEAF VIP from Aug10
31302 aw139     2013: UAEAF VIP from Oct10
aw139     2014: UAEAF VIP ? op by Dubai Air Wing
31585 aw139     2018: UAEAF VIP from Dec14
AgustaWestland Italy I-PTFT: AgustaWestland Italy, Dec14; due for delivery to UAE A+
31593 aw139     2019: UAEAF VIP Jun15
31056 aw139     350: UAEAF d/d Dec06
31064 aw139     351: UAEAF d/d Dec06
31075 aw139     352: UAEAF d/d May07
31080 aw139     353: UAEAF d/d 2007
31085 aw139     354: UAEAF d/d 2007
31088 aw139     355: UAEAF d/d 2007
31093 aw139     356: UAEAF d/d 2007
31098 aw139     357: UAEAF d/d Aug07
31568 aw139     358: UAE air force from , test serial I-RAIN
31596 aw139     360: UAE air force from Nov15, white/red rescue camo
31599 aw139     361: UAE air force from Jun15, test serial I-EASS, olive drab cam+
31600 aw139     362: UAE air force from Jun15, olive drab camo
31006 2004     4003: UAEAF SAR Nov06-2008
Agusta Spa 06: Agusta Spa; on display at HAI 2004

Evergreen Helicopters N139EV: Ventures Acquisition Co Llc at McMinnville, OR; Evergre+

Evergreen 2009-2013; 2010 under DoD contract at Kandaha+

- N139EV: VAC 139 Llc at McMinnville, OR Jun13-Dec15

- N6346L: SFG Commercial Aircraft Leasing Inc at South Bend, IN f+

Jun17-May19 for sale Agusta AW139 2004 ; Search and Res+
31025 2005     4004: UAEAF SAR Nov06-2008
Evergreen Helicopters N140EV: Ventures Acquisition Co Llc at McMinnville, OR from Nov+

Evergreen 2009-2013; expired Dec15

- N140EV: Jan/Mar 2017 for sale Agusta AW139 2005; in Abu Dhabi