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  • Del'd: 2 - 1968 to 1986

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    30003 1968     PH-HBA: xfer Bristow Indonesia [Bristow Masayu Helicopters] as PK-HB+
    Bell Helicopter N4023G: Bell 205A CN 30003, ff: 1968; reg Bell Helicopters as N+

    Bristow Bermuda VR-BCN: del Bristow Helicopters as VR-BCN 1968; rereg PK-HBA,No+
    30004 1968     PK-HBB: xfer Bristow indonesia [ Bristow Masayu Helicopter] as PK-HB+
    Bell Helicopter N4022G: Bell 205A CN 30002, ff: 1968; reg Bell Helicopters as N+

    Bristow Bermuda VR-BCO: del Bristow Helicopters as VR-BCO, 1968; rereg PK-HBB, +
    30038 1969     PK-HBK: Bristow Masayu, to C-GFHC
    Frontier Helicopters C-GFHC: Frontier Helicopters 1987-Aug91, to VH-HHC; conv to 205+

    Conair Aviation at Abbotsford, BC Sep91-Mar99

    - VH-HHC: Australia, rtn to C-GFHC

    - CS-HET: Portugal, to C-FDEF

    Eagle Copters C-FDEF: Eagle Copters Dec04-Jun05

    Eagle Copters from Apr09

    Heli Protection C-FDEF: Ultra Helicopters at Grimshaw, AB Jun05-Apr09

    Heli-Protection; pictured as /02 on local flight at ho+
    30032 1969     PK-HCE: Bristow Masayu, to VH-NSQ
    - VR-BGK: to EP-HBV

    - EP-HBV: to PK-HCE

    National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSQ: NSCA, to C-GFHT

    Tasman Helicopters C-GFHT: Frontier Helicopters at Abbotsford, BC May87-Jan91

    conv 205A-1 type; Tasman Helicopters Jan/Apr 1991

    Frontier Helicopters C-GFHT: Frontier Helicopters Apr/Aug 1991, rtn to VH-NSQ

    Frontier Helicopters, Canc Aug86, rtn VH-NSQ

    Conair Aviation at Abbotsford, BC from Mar92; w/o unk; +