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ASG Remarketing 7 Asia-Pacific Bristow Helicopters, 22-Nov-16 : Hong Kong’s Asian Sky Group (ASG) put on sale or lease seven Bristow’s offshore and utility Bell 412EP and S-76C++ helicopters in the Asia-Pacific region. All less than 10 years old

List of Aircraft

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205A 30003 1968PH-HBA : xfer Bristow Indonesia [Bristow Masayu Helicopters] as PK-HBA, No ...
205A 30004 1968PK-HBB : xfer Bristow indonesia [ Bristow Masayu Helicopter] as PK-HBB, No ...
206A 312 PK-HBF : Indonesia; w/o unk
: Bristow Masayu Helicopters, operating in Indonesia. Rode many mil ...
205A 30038 1969PK-HBK : Bristow Masayu, to C-GFHC
AB206A 8170 1969PK-HBL : Bristow Indonesia 1969-1973
Wessex Mk.60 wa696 1969PK-HBR : lsd Bristow Masayu Helicopters as PK-HBR, unk; w/o, crashed at se ...
205A-1 30169 PK-HBX : Bristow Masayu Helicopters, noted Sep76; w/o unk
AB206A 8170 1969PK-HCC : Bristow Indonesia from 1976
205A 30032 1969PK-HCE : Bristow Masayu, to VH-NSQ
212 30629 1974PK-HCF : Bristow Masayu, unk
205A-1 30086 1971PK-HCG : Bristow based in Jakarta around 1984-1986, cable stringing for BI ...
212 30577 1973PK-HCJ : Bristow Indonesia from 1981; w/o 17jun88 Gurun Panjang

11 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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