Del'd: 15 - 1977 to present

Agusta AB212
turkey Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri

Turkish Navy

Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri AB212

First three (34/36) delivered in 1977 and rest in 1988 plus three of the electronic warfare variant

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351 Filo Yengeç NAS Cengiz Topel


FF Barbaros class
FF Knox class
FF Yavuz class

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
5624 1983 TCB-29 Turkish Navy ex 10480
Turkish Army 10480: Turkish Army toward TCB-29
Vip transportation role
5635 1983 TCB-30 Turkish Navy ex 10482
Turkish Army 10482: Turkish Army toward TCB-30
VIP transport role
5104 ab212asw TCB-34
5110 w/o 2007 ab212asw TCB-35 w/o 7nov07
5114 ab212asw TCB-36 TCB-36
5193 ab212asw TCB-37
5194 ab212asw TCB-38
5195 ab212asw TCB-39
5196 w/o 1993 ab212asw TCB-40 w/o 17jun93
5197 ab212asw TCB-41
5198 ab212asw TCB-42
5199 w/o 1996 ab212asw TCB-43 w/o 12oct96
5200 ab212ew TCB-44
5201 ab212ew TCB-45
5202 ab212ew TCB-46
5203 ab212asw TCB-47 TDH; 351Filo embarked TCG Akdeniz. (F257) STANAVFORMED
5204 w/o 2002 ab212asw TCB-48 w/o 27aug02

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