Bell 47 in
greece Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou

Hellenic Army Aviation

Del'd: 54 - 1961 to 1996


  • Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou 47
  • Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou 47

First rotary wing aircraft of the HAA. Assigned to SAS (Aviation school) from 1961. The last unit to operate them was 3TEAS

10 brand new OH-13H (ES101 to ES110) in 1961
4 brand new OH-13S (ES701 to ES704) in 1969
19 brand new OH-13S (ES705 to ES723) in 1971
21 second hand in 1972

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1982/963 TEAS Alexandria / Imathia

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2684 oh-13h 1961     ES101: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6037; 28aug61 f/f as 37; 09nov61 f/f+
    2685 oh-13h     ES102: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6038; 29aug61 f/f as 38; 08nov61 f/f +
    2686 oh-13h     ES103: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6039; 09may61 f/f as 039 with SAS (av+
    2687 oh-13h     ES104: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6040; 24may61 f/f as 40; 09nov61 f/f +
    2688 oh-13h     ES105: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6041; 27sep61 f/f as 41; 08nov61 f/f +
    2689 oh-13h     ES106: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6042; 08sep61 f/f as 42; nov61 f/f as+
    2690 oh-13h     ES107: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6043; 03oct61 f/f as 43; 11nov61 f/f +
    2691 oh-13h     ES108: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6044; 20may61 f/f as 44; 07nov61 f/f +
    2692 oh-13h     ES109: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6045; 09sep61 f/f as 45; 09nov61 f/f +
    2693 oh-13h 1961     ES110: Hellenic Army; MDAP 60-6046; 08sep61 f/f as 46; 11nov61 f/f +
    3933 oh-13s 1969     ES701: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15884; 21mar69 ff as 884; 07may69 ff a+
    3934 oh-13s 1969     ES702: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15885; d/d 07may69; w/o 15mar73 at SAS
    3935 oh-13s 1969     ES703: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15886; d/d 1969
    3936 oh-13s 1969     ES704: Hellenic Army; FMS 67-15887; d/d 1969
    3995 oh-13s 1971     ES705: Hellenic Army; BuNo 69-19615; ff 11jan71 as 615; reserial ES+
    3996 oh-13s 1971     ES706: Hellenic Army; BuNo 69-19616; ff 28jan71 as ES706
    3997 oh-13s 1971     ES707: Hellenic Army; BuNo 69-19617; d/d 12jan71; f/f 28jan71 as ES+
    3998 oh-13s     ES708: Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS unk; Circa 1973 pictured 23rd LA+
    3999 oh-13s     ES709: Hellenic Army Aviation; 10jun10 pictured preserved at the Wa+
    4000 oh-13s     ES710: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19620; d/d 16feb71; f/f 12mar71 as ES+
    4001 oh-13s     ES711: Hellenic Army Aviation FMS 69-19621; 10sep96 last flight wit+
    4002 oh-13s     ES712: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19620; d/d 18feb71; f/f 08mar71 as ES7+
    4003 oh-13s     ES713: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19623; d/d 18feb71; f/f 16mar71 as ES7+
    4004 oh-13s 1971     ES714: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19623; d/d 18feb71; w/o 16mar71 with 8+
    4005 oh-13s     ES715: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19625; d/d 18feb71
    4006 oh-13s     ES716: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19626; d/d 18feb71
    4007 oh-13s     ES717: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19627; d/d 18feb71; f/f 16mar71 as ES7+
    4008 oh-13s     ES718: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19628; d/d 18feb71; f/f 20mar71 as ES7+
    4009 oh-13s 1971     ES719: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19629; d/d 18feb71; f/f 15mar71 as ES7+
    4010 oh-13s     ES720: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19630; d/d 10may71
    4011 oh-13s     ES721: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19631; d/d 10may71
    4012 oh-13s     ES722: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19632; d/d 10may71
    4013 oh-13s 1971     ES723: Hellenic Army; FMS 69-19633; d/d 10may71
    2096 oh-13h     ES725: Hellenic Army; BuNo 57-1858 second hand; 29nov71 ff
Spanish Air Force HE.7A-36: H-13H-BF; ex ES725; w/o 06jul84
    2171 oh-13h     ES728: Hellenic Army; H-13H-BF US Army BuNo 57-6242 second hand; d/+
    2145 oh-13h     ES734: Hellenic Army Aviation FMS BuNo 57-6216
    1883 oh-13h     ES737: Hellenic Army Aviation FMS 56-2171; 10sep96 last flight with+

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