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  • Breda Nardi NH500
    italy Corpo Forestale dello Stato

    State Forestry Department

    Del'd: 12 - 1980 to 2016

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    BH-01 NH500D     I-CFSD: CFS-04
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSD: [CFS04SD], CC-70
    BH-02 NH500D     I-CFSE: CFS-05
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSE: [CFS05SE], CC-71
    BH-03 NH500D     I-CFSF: CFS-06
    BH-04 NH500D     I-CFSG: CFS-07; w/o 31oct07 Roccaforte del Greco, Reggio Calabria
    BH-05 NH500D     I-CFSH: CFS-08
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSH: [CFS08SH], CC-72
    BH-06 NH500D     I-CFSI: CFS-09
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSI: CC-73 CFS09SI
    BH-07 NH500D     I-CFSK: CFS-10
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSK: [CFS10SK], CC-74 (new livery)
    BH-15 NH500D     I-CFSL: CFS-11
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSL: [CFS11SL], CC-75

    at 16 Nucleo
    BH-16 NH500D     I-CFSM: CFS-12
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSM: [CFS12SM], CC-76 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma Urbe
    BH-17 NH500D     I-CFSN: CFS-13
    Italian Gendarmerie I-CFSN: [CFS13SM], CC-77