Del'd: 25 - 1997 to present

  • Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)
  • Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)

At least nine more were on order in 2011

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170M02 mi-17-1v     EJC-176: Ejercito d/d Mar97; w/o 07mar99
170M01 mi-17-1v     EJC-3375: Ejercito d/d Apr97 as EJC-175; then EJC-375; 2010 EJC-3375; +
170M04 mi-17-1v     EJC-3378: w/o 25feb13 crash at San Juan de Sumapaz due due to high win+
170M05 mi-17-1v     EJC-3379: Ejercito d/d Mar97 as EJC-179; then EJC-379
170M06 mi-17-1v     EJC-3380: Ejercito d/d Apr 97 as EJC-180; w/o 16jan18 near Segovia. 1+
170M07 mi-17-1v     EJC-3381: Ejercito d/d Mar97 as EJC-181; then EJC-381; w/o 13jun12, 1 +
170M08 mi-17-1v     EJC-3382: Ejercito d/d Mar97 as EJC-182; then EJC-382
170M09 mi-17-1v     EJC-3383: Ejercito d/d Mar97 as EJC-183; then EJC-383
170M10 mi-17-1v     EJC-3384: Ejercito d/d Mar97 as EJC-184; then EJC-384
170M11 mi-17-md     EJC-3385: Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-385; 2009 EJC-3385
170M12 mi-17-md     EJC-3386: Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-386; crash 18jul03 at Herrera; rep+
170M13 mi-17-md     EJC-3387: Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-387
170M14 mi-17-md     EJC-3388: Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-388
170M16 mi-17-md     EJC-3390: Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-390; crash 17apr05 at La Charrera;+
mi-17v-5     EJC-3391: Ejercito d/d May07 as EJC-391
mi-17v-5     EJC-3392: Ejercito d/d May07 as EJC-392
170M19 mi-17v-5     EJC-3393: Ejercito d/d May07 as EJC-393
mi-17v-5     EJC-3394: Ejercito d/d May07 as EJC-394
mi-17v-5     EJC-3397: Ejercito d/d Mar09 as EJC-397
mi-17v-5     EJC-3399: Ejercito d/d Mar09 as EJC-399; 2011 EJC-3399
170M03 mi-17-1v     EJC-377: Ejercito d/d Apr97 as EJC-177; w/o 30nov01
170M04 mi-17-1v     EJC-378: Ejercito d/d Mar97 as EJC-178, reser 3378
170M15 mi-17-md     EJC-389: Ejercito d/d Aug02
mi-17v-5     EJC-395: Ejercito d/d Mar09
mi-17v-5     EJC-396: Ejercito d/d Mar09
mi-17v-5     EJC-398: Ejercito d/d Mar09

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