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    4020 uh-1d     62-12362: US Army, conv to UH-1H
US Department of State N1236P: State Dept 1993, to Peru, canc May11

Peruvian National Police PNP-303: Peru National Police 1993, 2004 rtn USA scr
    4027 uh-1d     62-12369: US Army, conv to UH-1H
Northwest Helicopters N14SD: Northwest Helicopters Jan05
    4060 uh-1d     63-08768: US Army, conv UH-1H, to N814SB
- N768MC: Dakota Air Parts 2002-2003

Flight Services SA CC-CBU: Flight Service
    4133 uh-1d     63-08841: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N3149N: Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE, canc Aug05

Flight Services SA CC-CBO: Flight Service, noted 2010

Paraguay National Police A-12: Paraguay Police d/d 2011
    4166 uh-1d     63-12970: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1996 at Otis ANGB
    4193 uh-1d     63-12997: US Army, conv to UH-1H
Bell Helicopter N604: Bell Helicopter, conv to Huey 2 type

State of New York N174SP: New York State Police (NYSP) from Oct98; Jun02 First H+
    4096 uh-1d     63-8804: US Army cnvt. to UH-1H toward FAS 245
Air Force of El Salvador 245: FAS Guardian 1st batch del.1981 ex 63-8804 w/o 6Sep91
    4260 uh-1d     64-13553: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N812SB: Air Wolf Llc at Mannassas, VA 2006; 11feb12 pictured at+

Optical Air Data Systems at Mannassas, VA Apr12-Aug14

Northwest Helicopters N812SB: Northwest Helicopter at Olympia, WA from Aug14
    4269 uh-1d     64-13562: US Army, conv to UH-1H
State of South Carolina N600SL: SLED from Feb94

23may15 Myrtle Beach, SC

Oct16 still South Carolina State Law Enforcement Divisi+

State of Washington ?: Preparing for pending transfer to Spokane County Sherif+
    4280 uh-1d     64-13573: US Army, conv UH-1H, to Honduras
Honduras Air Force FAH-940: FAH, ex 64-13573; w/o 12dec91
    4292 uh-1d     64-13585: 1971 asg 120th Avn Co, Fort Richardson, Alaska
    4293 uh-1d     64-13586: US Army, conv to UH-1H
State of Florida N64586: Charlotte County Sheriff Office (CCSO) at Punta Gorda, +
    4310 uh-1d     64-13603: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N454AB: Tamarack Helicopters at Stevensville, MT Mar/Jun 2006

- ZU-LEA: South africa, to ZS-HLA

Leading Edge Aviation South Africa ZS-HLA: Leading Edge Aviation South Africa by Jun15
    4335 uh-1d     64-13628: US Army; conv UH-1H; to NASA
National Aeronautics and Space Administration N734NA: NASA between 01mar78 to 29sep93, reser N417NA

10mar93 pictured (top) at Moffett Federal Airfield, Mou+

National Aeronautics and Space Administration N417NA: ex NASA-542(N), N734NA; 02jun00 pictured (bot) during f+

- N417NA: H & H Road Boring Co Llc at Inola, OK Aug09-Jul11

Hail Helicopter Holdings-Unit 1 Llc at Inola, OK from M+

26mar15 dropping Easter eggs in Pryor, OK
    4373 uh-1d     64-13666: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N301MP: to N601MP

- N601MP: to N19SP

State of New York N19SP: New York State Police (NYSP) from Feb02, Huey 2 type
    4389 uh-1d     64-13682: US Army, conv to UH-1H
    4393 uh-1d     64-13686: US Army, conv to UH-1H
Bell Helicopter N490AS: Bell Helicopter from Feb11, conv to HUEY II; 11feb12 pi+

22sep12 picture at AAD Expo South Africa
    4397 uh-1d     64-13690: US Army; conv UH-1H; to Jordan
royal jordanian air force ?: RJAF; BuNo 64-13690; to Iraq

Iraqi Air Force YI-208: Huey II type. ex Jordan
    4400 uh-1d     64-13693: US Army
    4418 uh-1d     64-13711: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N121PT: Skyline Helicopters at Bozeman, MT 2005

Lrh Equipment Llc at Pendleton, OR from Feb07

w/o 20jul15 during firefighting 9m E Walla Walla, Washi+
    4439 uh-1d     64-13732: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- 64-13732: to be preserved as permanent display at the Vietnam War+
    4491 uh-1d     64-13784: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N2048K: Dyncorp International, to N4092P

- N4092P: Rotorcraft Support Inc at Eugene, OR Feb06-Apr08; Garl+

FFA Assets Pty Ltd ZS-HBU: FFA Assets by Jun15
    4508 uh-1d     64-13801: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1992 1-212th AVN
    4562 uh-1d     64-13855: US Army, conv to UH-1H
US Department of Justice N9214B: FBI at Washington, DC Dec95-May15; canc
    4565 uh-1d     64-13858: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N312CF: conv to Hansen-Bell UH-1H c/n ACH64

private at Mojave, CA from Jul05
    4595 uh-1d     64-13888: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N811SF: to N648HA

Helicopter Applicators Inc N648HA: Helicopter Applicators from Feb12
    4609 uh-1d     65-09565: US Army; conv UH-1H; to N1216Y
- N1216Y: canc 1997

- CC-CNM: Banco Bice

Heliportugal CC-CNM: Heliportugal, ex 65-09565; 2008 with Proteccao Civil (f+

- ?: Rantoul with Dodsons by Oct17
    4613 uh-1d     65-09569: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N4734F: May95

- N205WH: Bvds Inc at Billings, MT Jun08-Jul09

FFA Assets Pty Ltd ZS-SLK: FFA Assets South Africa by Jun15
    4648 uh-1d     65-09604: US Army; conv UH-1H; 1996 to civ
- N7232Z: 1996-1999

- HI-714SP: Dominican Republic

aerodiva TI-AZM: Aerodiva

May12 One of Aerodiva popular helicopters, helping in C+
    4681 uh-1d     65-09637: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N773AR: Bvds Inc at Billings, MT from Jun08

FFA Assets Pty Ltd ZS-HHJ: FFA Assets South Africa by Jun15
    4687 uh-1d     65-09643: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- 65-09643: Dec05 preserved at Wiregrass Armed Forces Memorial, Vet+
    4732 uh-1d     65-09688: US Army, conv UH-1H, to N6195G
- N6195G: Heliva Inc at Wilmington, DE 1999; At Switzerland

- HB-RXC: Stricker Hanspeter Jan10; w/o 20dec12 Ruthi, Switzerlan+
    4802 uh-1d     65-09758: US Army, conv to UH-1H; 1997 to Argentina
Argentine Air Force H-11: FAA d/d 28nov97, ex BuNo 65-9758; wfu 2006
    4808 uh-1d     65-09764: US Army
Peruvian Air Force FAP-631: FAP d/d 1965, conv to UH-1H; 2009 esc 332
    4815 uh-1d     65-09771: US Army; conv UH-1H; 17mar96 pictured at Sacramento; to N624+
Helicopteros Atuneros N62452: Atuneros at El Cajon, CA; ex 65-9771; canc 1998
    4821 uh-1d     65-09777: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N464CC: Oklahoma 2007, Garlick-Bell UH-1H type

FFA Assets Pty Ltd ZU-LCY: FFA Assets South Africa by Jun15
    4859 uh-1d     65-09815: US Army; 15mar96 pictured with California Army National Guar+
    4900 uh-1d 1965     65-09856: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N1205D: Air Cav Helicopters Llc at Wilmington, DE Jul06-May10

PJ Helicopters N208PJ: Helibro Llc at Red Bluff, CA from May10; PJ Helicopters
    4902 uh-1d     65-09858: US Army; conv UH-1H; to N38CF
- N38CF: Letcher Helicopters, NV; canc 1997

FAASA Chile CC-CLK: FAASA, ex 65-09858

Heliportugal CC-CLK: Heliportugal 2007
    4970 uh-1d     65-09926: US Army, conv to UH-1H
Alan Sparks N890AS: Bell/Sparks 205 type; Brylyn Corporation at Joshua, TX +
    5005 uh-1d     65-09961: US Army 65-9961; conv to UH-1H
- N503TW: 25th Infantry Division Huey Llc at Bend, OR Aug07

- 65-09961: preserved at Vietnam Helicopters Museum at Concord, CA
    5030 uh-1d     65-09986: US Army cnvt. to UH-1H toward N4590
Westwind Helicopters N4590: Westwind Helicopters ex 65-9986, w/o 23Dec98
    5044 uh-1d     65-10000: US Army
    5045 uh-1d     65-10001: US Army
    5046 uh-1d     65-10002: US Army
    5047 uh-1d     65-10003: US Army
    5048 uh-1d     65-10004: US Army
    5049 uh-1d     65-10005: US Army
    5050 uh-1d     65-10006: US Army
    5051 uh-1d     65-10007: US Army
    5052 uh-1d     65-10008: US Army
    5053 uh-1d     65-10009: US Army
    5054 uh-1d     65-10010: US Army
    5055 uh-1d     65-10011: US Army
    5056 uh-1d     65-10012: US Army
    5057 uh-1d     65-10013: US Army
    5058 uh-1d     65-10014: US Army
    5059 uh-1d     65-10015: US Army
    5060 uh-1d     65-10016: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N134JL: to N155GH

- N155GH: to N567VF

- N567VF: private at Garden Valley, CA from Jun11

Vertical Flight Technologies Llc at Henderson, KY from +
    5061 uh-1d     65-10017: US Army
    5062 uh-1d     65-10018: US Army
    5063 uh-1d     65-10019: US Army
    5064 uh-1d     65-10020: US Army
    5065 uh-1d     65-10021: US Army
    5066 uh-1d     65-10022: US Army, conv to UH-1H
    5067 uh-1d     65-10023: US Army
    5068 uh-1d     65-10024: US Army
    5069 uh-1d     65-10025: US Army
    5070 uh-1d     65-10026: US Army
- N795CF: South Alabama Air Rescue Inc at Andalusia, AL

Alabama Center Of Military History (ACMH) at Huntsville+

- 65-10026: Paul L. Bolden Veteran's Museum Huntsville, AL
    5071 uh-1d     65-10027: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N7072C: Arrow Falcon Exporters Inc at Porterville, CA from Oct0+

- N711GH: Guardian Helicopters at Van Nuys, CA from Feb09
    5073 uh-1d     65-10029: US Army, conv to UH-1H, to N132AR
- N132AR: from 2009

Blackcomb Aviation; 10apr13 pictured at Phoenix Deer Va+
    5086 uh-1d     65-10042: US Army
    5087 uh-1d     65-10043: US Army
    5088 uh-1d     65-10044: US Army
    5089 uh-1d     65-10045: US Army
    5090 uh-1d     65-10046: US Army
    5091 uh-1d     65-10047: US Army
    5092 uh-1d     65-10048: US Army
    5093 uh-1d     65-10049: US Army
    5094 uh-1d 1965     65-10050: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N615BV: BVDS Inc at Billings, MT, noted 2006

Tamarack Helicopters at Stevensville, MT Oct06-Feb10

Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Feb10-May11; Garlick-+

FFA Assets Pty Ltd ZS-HHG: FFA Assets South Africa, as of Jun15
    5095 uh-1d     65-10051: US Army
    5096 uh-1d     65-10052: US Army
    5097 uh-1d     65-10053: US Army
    5098 uh-1d     65-10054: US Army
- 65-10054: preserved at Estrella Warbird Museum, Paso Robles, CA b+
    5099 uh-1d     65-10055: US Army
    5100 uh-1d     65-10056: US Army
    5101 uh-1d     65-10057: US Army
    5102 uh-1d     65-10058: US Army
    5103 uh-1d     65-10059: US Army
    5104 uh-1d     65-10060: US Army
    5105 uh-1d     65-10061: US Army, conv UH-1H
State of California N22SD: Santa Barbara Sheriffs Dept Apr04-Oct09

State of California N911KP: Santa Barbara Sheriffs Dept from Oct09; /3
    5106 uh-1d     65-10062: US Army
    5107 uh-1d     65-10063: US Army
    5108 uh-1d     65-10064: US Army
    5109 uh-1d     65-10065: US Army; cnvt. to UH-1H; May95 toward AMARC code XA0402
    5110 uh-1d     65-10066: US Army
    5111 uh-1d     65-10067: US Army, conv to UH-1H
- N775AR: reg 1999, many owners. w/o 16jul13

Billings Flying Service N775AR: Billings Flying Service at Billings, MT from Jun08; w/o+
    5112 uh-1d     65-10068: US Army
    5113 uh-1d     65-10069: US Army, conv UH-1H
    5114 uh-1d     65-10070: US Army

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