Del'd: 26 - 1967 to 1987

US Air Force TH-1F Iroquois

USAF trainer variant of UH-1F. First delivered to 3637th Flying Training Squadron (Helicopter) in 1967 to replace the UH-19B

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1969/701st HS Andrews AFB

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    7301     66-1225: USAF; first TH-1F; 08may07 AMARC/HF0154; 2001 preserved E+
- 66-1225: Jul15 on sale on eBay U$S 45.000

This is my personal helicopter still in mothball co+
    7302     66-1226: w/o unk
    7303     66-1227: wfu 1987. to civ as N2412K (australia)
    7304     66-1228: conv UH-1P. wfu 1987. to civ as N40495 (australia)
    7305     66-1229: wfu 1987. 1994 to civ as N4986B Blue Mountain Helicopters o+
    7306     66-1230:
    7307     66-1231: wfu 1987. to civ as N8123M
    7308     66-1232: wfu 1987. to civ as N70NW
    7309     66-1233: USAF; 06may87 to AMARC/HF0155
- N504AH: 1994 purchased out of Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ b+

private Oregon Apr95-Mar01

Caloundra Helicopter Centre VH-UHD: conv Garlick-Bell; Caloundra Helicopter Center from 21+
    7310     66-1234: wfu 1987. to civ as N4049G (australia)
- N4049G: Texas Aviation Intl at Nocona, TX from Jun01; Dec11 exp+
    7311     66-1235: USAF; wfu 1987
- N2069W: Texas Aviation Intl at Nocona, TX Apr00-Sep01

McDermott Aviation VH-LIP: McDermott Aviation from Sep01

McDermott Aviation VH-SUR: McDermott Aviation from Feb06
    7312     66-1236: USAF; wfu 1987
- N40488: Texas Aviation Intl at Nocona, TX Jun/Nov 2001

- VH-LIY: Australia from Nov01

McDermott Aviation VH-LIY: McDermott Aviation from Aug13
    7313     66-1237: USAF; wfu 1987
- N2068W: Texan Aviation Intl at Nocona, TX Apr00-Sep01

- VH-LIQ: Australia from Sep01

08dec09 destroyed after flame-out during fire suppressi+

McDermott Aviation VH-LIQ: McDermott Aviation from Jan10
    7314     66-1238: wfu 1987. to civ as N14MX or N14MH (sweden)
    7315     66-1239: wfu 1975. 1981 XA0271. to civ as N38921
    7316     66-1240: wfu 1987. to civ as N1038G. w/o 2003
    7317     66-1241: conv UH-1P. wfu 1973
    7318     66-1242: w/o unk
    7319     66-1243: w/o unk
    7320     66-1244: wfu 1987. to civ as N4049Q (australia)
    7321     66-1245: conv UH-1P. wfu 1973
    7322     66-1246: wfu 1987. to civ as N224MS, ZK-HVZ
    7323     66-1247: wfu 1976. to civ as N8133D
    7324     66-1248: to civ as N67163
    7325     66-1249: 1974-1977 was at Randolph AFB with four other TH-1F Hueys, p+
Conair Jet Sales, Inc. N8123H: 05sep01 1600hs ditched into the ocean after takeoff fro+
    7326     66-1250: to civ as N55781

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