Bell 47G-2
germany Heeresflieger

German Army Aviation

Del'd: 6 - 1957 to 1965

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    1620     74+29: also seen as PA+118,QW+755,QF+458,AS+389,AS+389,last seen as+
    1986     74+34: also seen as PA+117,QW+756,QF+459,AS+390,last seen as D-HAKO
    1991     74+35: also seen as PB+117,QW+757,QF+460,AS+394,last seen Malta Pol+
German Air Force 74+35: ex AS+394, to 74+35. To Malta Land Forces.

Armed Forces of Malta 9H-AAH: MLF ex 74+35 re-registered to AS7204

Armed Forces of Malta AS7204: ex Luftwaffe 74+35. Reg to MLF as 9H-AAH in Jul 1972, t+
    1992     74+36: also seen as PA+120,YA+031,QW+758,QW+458,AS+395,last seen as+
    2006     74+37: also seen as PA+122,QW+759,QB+459,AS+398,YA+032,last seen as+
    1988     PA+118: w/o 08.01.58 crashed Niedermendig