Bell 47G-2

This model is a version of 47

c/n 1991

Helicopter Bell 47G-2 Serial 1991 Register 74+35 9H-AAH AS7204 used by Luftwaffe (German Air Force) Heeresflieger (German Army Aviation) Forzi Armati ta' Malta (Armed Forces of Malta). Aircraft history


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germany 74+35
For 74+35 see also:
        uht c/n 1035
also seen as PB+117,QW+757,QF+460,AS+394,last seen Malta Police as 9H-AAH
germany 74+35
ex AS+394, to 74+35. To Malta Land Forces.
malta 9H-AAH
Forzi Armati ta' Malta
MLF ex 74+35 re-registered to AS7204
malta AS7204
Forzi Armati ta' Malta
ex Luftwaffe 74+35. Reg to MLF as 9H-AAH in Jul 1972, to 
Helicopter Flight 1 Regiment MLF, to Air Squadron 2 Regiment AFM Jul 1992. Became AS7204 in May 2000. Reported wfu ?

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