Bell 47G-2
germany Luftwaffe

German Air Force

Del'd: 8 - 1960 to 1974

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1617     74+27: also seen as AS+381, w/o 02.03.70 Collision Fassberg with 74+
1619     74+28: also seen as AS+382,last seen as D-HAGL
1621     74+30: also seen as AS+384,last seen as D-HAIN
1968 1957     74+31: also seen as AS+386,last seen as D-HORN
- D-HORN: Germany unk, to F-GDRV

- F-GDRV: France from Jun15

private owner (me) nearby PAU, south ouest of France
1969     74+32: also seen as AS+387,last seen as F-BUYV
1970     74+33: also seen as AS+388,LA+108,last seen as D-HAEM
- D-HAEM: seen outside the INAER (Babcock) hangar at Muchamiel S+
1991     74+35: ex AS+394, to 74+35. To Malta Land Forces.
German Army Aviation 74+35: also seen as PB+117,QW+757,QF+460,AS+394,last seen Malt+

Armed Forces of Malta 9H-AAH: MLF ex 74+35 re-registered to AS7204

Armed Forces of Malta AS7204: ex Luftwaffe 74+35. Reg to MLF as 9H-AAH in Jul 1972, t+
2007     74+38: also seen as PB-122, AS+399, QB+460, QW+760, last seen as F+
1967     AS+385: w/o 29.05.57 crashed