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  • 1992 to 2013

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1992/13Eurocopter MarignaneMarseille Marignane

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6793 ec155b1 2007     6793: Eurocopter F-.... unknown to F-OKEF
    Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKEF: ESEA from Nov07

    19-24feb08 ESEA at Singapore Airshow. Wears markings fr+

    ESEA to Mar08 to PK-TPE

    Indonesia Air Transport PK-TPE: IAT
    6408 as365n2 1992     F-GIAZ: Eurocopter France May/Dec 1992
    - XA-CJJ: Grupo de Aviacion Ejecutiva SA de CV

    State of Ohio N293SV: Merril Lynch Business Financial Services at Chicago, IL

    St Vincent Mercy Medical Center at Toledo, OH from Mar0+
    6887 ec155b1     F-OKFM: Eurocopter France
    Royal Thai Police 2903: Police by 2011

    08aug19 at Bangkok
    6908 ec155b1     F-OKFN: Eurocopter France toward 2905
    Royal Thai Police 2905: Police ex F-OKFN
    6914 ec155b1     F-OKFO: Eurocopter France, to 2904
    Royal Thai Police 2904: Police
    6557 ec155b 2000     F-WJFJ: Eurocopter France, ntu F-GJFJ, to ZS-RLI
    - ZS-RLI: South Africa private, wild animals scheme, to D-HLEW

    Eurocopter Germany D-HLEW: Eurocopter Germany Jun07-Sep10 at Kassel-Kalden airport+

    Northern HeliCopter GmbH D-HLEW: NHC; 14oct11 pictured at Hannover, Germany

    NHC Nov12-May13

    Heli Holland PH-EQR: Heli Holland from Jan12, NHC mrks; Feb-Jun at Atyrau, K+

    Heli Holland offshore May/Aug 2013

    Heli Aviation GmbH D-HAVY: Heli Aviation from Aug13; Babcock Germany by Apr19
    6542 ec155b     F-WMXD: Eurocopter France test aircraft, noted Sep12
    Airbus Helicopters France F-WMXD: Airbus Helicopters; used in tests by OADS
    6530 ec155b 1997     F-WMXE: conv EC155B1 type; wfu
    6789 ec155b1 2008     F-WQDF: Eurocopter France, to G-CEXZ
    Eurocopter UK G-CEXZ: Eurocopter UK Feb/Apr 2008

    Airbus Helicopters UK G-HOTB: Noirmont Ltd Apr08-Nov16; pictured (pic1) at Yeovil

    04sep14 seen landing evening near Praa Sands, Cornwall,+

    took off at London Heliport (Battersea)

    Airbus Helicopters UK Nov16-Mar18

    Multiflight Ltd G-HOTB: Multiflight Ltd from Mar18; pictured (pic2)

    6791 ec155b1 2007     F-WQDH: Eurocopter toward EC-KPU
    - EC-KPU: Private Spain, VIP, ex F-WQDH; pictured at Cuatro Vien+

    - HB-ZOL: Heli-Link Helikopter AG from May13

    at Zurich
    6630 ec155b1     F-WQDH: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WWOV
    - 4L-AAA: Georgia Gov, to GBP-10022

    Border Police of Georgia GBP-10022: Border Police of Georgia
    6786 as365n3     F-WQDM: Eurocopter France
    - HA-BGA: Bige-Air

    operating from Budapest Dráva riverside heliport
    6584 as365n3 2001     F-WQDM: Eurocopter France
    swift copters sa HB-ZDR: Swift Copters Oct01-Oct12, test serial F-WQDM, for Roto+

    pictured at Paris - Issy-les-Moulineaux (Aeroport de P+

    at Genava

    - HB-ZDR: Partn Air Management from Oct12, for Rotomobil
    6415 as365n2 1991     F-WQEC: Eurocopter France 2003; conv to AS365N3
    Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-RWZ: ASESA 1991-2000, test serial F-WYMF

    Lufttransport AS SE-JIA: Lufttransport from Jun04

    Scandinavian AirAmbulance SE-JIA: Scandinavian MediCopter AB 2011-2012;

    backup helicopter for Scandinavian MediCopter

    Sep17-Aug18 for sale Dauphin AS365N-3 1991 ; EMS Config+

    Sep20-Jan21 for sale Dauphin AS365N-3 1991 - 19,265 fli+
    6720 ec155b1     F-WQEF: Eurocopter France
    - F-OISH: France, test serial F-WWOR

    - PR-AXM: Ocean Explorer Do Brasil Ltda from Apr07
    6652 ec155b1 2003     F-WQEP: Eurocopter to N672LE
    - N672LE: blue c/s at Cambridge
    6542 ec155b     F-WQEY: Eurocopter France, test serial
    Airbus Helicopters France F-WMXD: Airbus Helicopters; used in tests by OADS
    6530 ec155b 1997     F-WQEZ: conv to EC155 drone demonstrator UAV f/f 24jun08 pictured (p+
    6687 as365n3 2004     F-WQVD: test serial F-WWOL
    Omni Taxi Aereo PR-HJR: Omni Taxi Aereo from Apr12

    - : Aug/Dec 2014 for sale Dauphin AS365N3 2004 Offshore He+

    Sep17-Dec18 for sale Dauphin AS365N-3 2004; Offshore h+

    OMNI Aviation Group CS-HIO: Omni Dec18

    Colombian Navy ARC-251: or ARC-252; Colombia Navy from Jan19
    6738 as365n3 2006     F-WQVR: Eurocopter ex F-WWOF toward 5N-BIY
    CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIY: CHC Nigeria from feb07 ex F-WQVR toward C-GSAB

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GSAB: CHC from jun11 ex 5N-BIY
    6834 ec155b1     F-WTBF: Eurocopter 2011
    - M-LNDN: Larkford Limited, Isle of Man Jan09-Jul11

    - RA-04084: Russia
    6530 ec155b 1997     F-WWOA: Eurocopter AS365N4 f/f 17jun97 pictured (pic1); F-WTTH ntu
    6646 as365n3 2002     F-WWOA: Eurocopter France Oct02: OY-HOV Apr04, ntu
    McAlpine Helicopters G-79-08: McAlpine May/Jun 2004

    - OY-HOT: Gurin A/S, Denmark Jun04-Jan11

    - YR-MYC: Dunca Expediţii, Romania Jan11-?

    Mir Aero SRL / Regional Air Services SRL, Romania
    6735 ec155b1     F-WWOB: Eurocopter France, to PH-SHN
    CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHN: CHC from 2006

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHT: NHV, by Feb15

    at Faro, departed next day to Vigo (LEVX), Spain
    6620 ec155b1     F-WWOC: Eurocopter France, to B-HRU
    Hong Kong Government B-HRU: GFS
    6847 ec155b1 2009     F-WWOD: Eurocopter France, to G-RWPL
    Eurocopter UK G-RWPL: Eurocopter UK May/Oct 2009

    - G-RWPL: Pure Leisure Oct09-Jun11

    InterAviation SRL YR-YAN: InterAviation from Jul11

    - : Apr/Jul 2016 for sale Eurocopter EC 155B 2009; 2 Year I+

    - N100GN: Fertitta Entertainment Holdings Llc at Houston, TX from+
    6745 as365n3 2006     F-WWOD: Eurocopter toward F-GTDL
    Heli-Union F-GTDL: Heli Union; Aug06 ex F-WWOD toward D2-EWD

    SonAir Airline Services D2-EWD: SonAir; 2007 ex F-GTDL toward F-HUDT

    Heli-Union F-HUDT: Heli Union; Jul12 ex D2-EWD
    6755 ec155b1 2006     F-WWOD: Eurocopter toward G-ISSW
    Bristow G-ISSW: Bristow Dec06-Nov11; to Brilog Leasing

    21sep11 visit Den Helder airport

    - G-ISSW: Brilog Leasing, Cayman Islands Nov11 for Mexico
    6638 ec155b1     F-WWOD: Eurocopter France, to B-HRY
    Hong Kong Government B-HRY: GFS
    6738 as365n3 2006     F-WWOF: Eurocopter re-registered to F-WQVR
    CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIY: CHC Nigeria from feb07 ex F-WQVR toward C-GSAB

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GSAB: CHC from jun11 ex 5N-BIY
    6757 ec155b1 2006     F-WWOG: manufacturer test serial; to UK
    Bristow G-ISSV: Bristow Dec06

    pictured at Norwich

    moved by road to Germany. To be used as a air ambulance

    Heli-Flight GmbH D-HFLG: Heli-Flight GmbH & Co KG at Reichelsheim Airfield, from+

    noted at Reichelsheim

    noted at Klinik Bavaria

    noted as Christoph Mittelhessen at Aschaffenburg

    noted at Reichelsheim
    6653 ec155b1     F-WWOJ: Eurocopter toward 2901
    Royal Thai Police 2901: Police ex F-WWOJ
    6885 ec155b1 2011     F-WWOL: Eurocopter France; pictured (pic1) at Marignane factory
    - I-PHLO: Italy 2010

    Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-D668: VNH North / VALC, noted May12

    - N188CF: Integrity Aircraft Title Holdings Llc at Portland, OR f+

    Jan15-Apr16 for sale Eurocopter EC-155-B1 2009 New ex+

    State of Pennsylvania N916LL: Milton S Hershey Medical Center at Hershey, PA from Oct+

    Feb19 Life Lion pictured (pic3) with an AC Cobra
    6842 ec155b1 2009     F-WWOM: Eurocopter France
    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHJ: NHV, test serial F-WWOM

    pictured (pic1) at SaxonAir ramp at Norwich, UK

    based at Norwich, UK

    pictured (pic2) at Norwich, UK out of the Saxon Air h+

    pictured (pic3) at Norwich Airport, departing on anothe+

    Penig, Germany

    stored at den Helder by 2020
    6748 ec155b1 2006     F-WWOO: Eurocopter France 2006
    Starspeed Ltd G-WJCJ: Starspeed Oct06-Jul12

    pictured (pic1) at Blackbushe Airport

    Starspeed Ltd G-WINV: Starspeed Jul12-Jul17

    at London Helipad

    - G-LCPX: Charterstyle Ltd from Jul17

    Landed on Pensnett Trading Estate, Dudkey

    over junction 11 M62, heading south toward Tarporley di+
    6718 as365n3 2006     F-WWOQ: Eurocopter, to EC-JVG
    INAER EC-JVG: INAER; Jerez de la Frontera

    Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment EC-JVG: MAPA Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentacion , +

    Spanish Military Police HU.30-01: Guardia Civil 09-401 from Aug16, pictured (pic2)

    pictured (pic3) at Santander
    6804     F-WWOR: conv to USCG MH-65C 6607
    US Coast Guard 6607: USCG MH-65C 2010

    2013 CGAS Miami

    pictured (pic2) over Pier 39, San Francisco

    CGAS New Orleans

    pictured (pic1) over Point Vicente Lighthouse

    MH-65D type
    6632 ec155b1     F-WWOR: Eurocopter France
    Hong Kong Government B-HRW: GFS
    6635 ec155b1     F-WWOS: Eurocopter France, to B-HRX
    Hong Kong Government B-HRX: GFS; w/o 26aug03 night crash into hill, 2 fatalities
    6681 ec155b1     F-WWOU: Eurocopter, to 4K-AZ44
    Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ44: AZAL, to D-HAZA

    - D-HAZA: Germany unknown; at Kassel Calden

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NSH: NHV; in full NHV colours at Norwich, UK

    landed at Humberside airport, UK

    at Faro, departed next day to Vigo (LEVX), Spain
    6739 ec155b1     F-WWOV: Eurocopter France, to PH-SHO
    CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHO: CHC Netherlands 2006-2016

    at CHC De Kooy

    pictured at De Kooy during Heldair show

    Heli Holland PH-SHO: Heli Holland Nov16

    picture at Emmer-Compascuum
    6627 ec155b1     F-WWOX: Eurocopter France, to B-HRV
    Hong Kong Government B-HRV: GFS
    6708 ec155b1 2005     F-WWOY: Eurocopter , to 3A-MAG
    Heli Air Monaco 3A-MAG: Heli Air Monaco 2005-2007

    Heli Holland PH-EQU: Heli Holland offshore from may07

    pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland

    at Gdansk, Poland

    HeliHolland Offshore pictured (pic3) at Emmer-Compascu+
    6420 as365n2 1991     F-WYMR: Eurocopter France, to JA6677
    All Nippon Helicopter JA6677: ANH 1991-2002

    DanCopter OY-HLL: Dan Copter 2003, SE-JGU ntu

    Airlift AS LN-OCO: Helicopter Transportation Group AS/SEB Finans AB Mar04-+

    Airlift Sysselmannen Nov06-Oct09

    Blueway LN-OCO: Blueway Nov09-Apr14

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NSZ: NHV; Dutch Coastguard from Apr14; at SAR meet, Leeuwar+
    6696 as565mb     F-ZKBF: Eurocopter toward AMHP-150
    Mexican Navy AMHP-150: Marina d/d 2005, test serial F-ZKBF
    6901 as565mb 2010     F-ZKCL: Eurocopter toward 5002
    Royal Saudi Navy 5002: RSNF
    6905 as565mb 2010     F-ZKCM: Eurocopter toward 5003
    Royal Saudi Navy 5003: RSNF
    6913 as565mb 2010     F-ZKCN: Eurocopter toward 5004
    Royal Saudi Navy 5004: RSNF
    6882 as565mb 2009     F-ZWBG: Eurocopter toward 5001
    Royal Saudi Navy 5001: RSNF