Del'd: 18 - 1966 to present

  • Arma Aerea de la Armada Española S-61 H-3
  • Arma Aerea de la Armada Española S-61 H-3
  • Arma Aerea de la Armada Española S-61 H-3

Arma Aerea de la Armada Española S-61 H-3
Delivered in 4 batches between 1966 and 1981, 9 of the remaining 12 airframes were upgraded to SH-3D (SAR) standard, while 3 were brought up to SH-3G (AEW) with the addition of the Searchwater radar in a retractable dustbin on the starboard side. By Autumn 2005, most of the anti-submarine fleet had completed a conversion to the transport / assault role with the removal of the ASW sensor/attack equipment and the addition of troop litters and an externally mounted cargo hook.
1st batch Z.9-1/Z.9-6 (BuNos 153532/153537)
2nd batch Z.9-7/Z.9-8 (BuNos 158724/158725)
3st batch Z.9-9/Z.9-12 (BuNos 159053/153556)
4th batch HS.9-13/HS.9-18 (BuNos 161207/161212)

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Spanish Amphibious Exercise GRUFLEX 61, 14-Nov-16 : 1,200 Spanish marines, elements from the Spanish Army and Air Force along the Portuguese Navy taking part of amphibious exercise GRUFLEX 61 in Cadiz and the Balearic Islands

Spanish Special Forces at SOFEX-16, 17-Jun-16 : Spanish Navy Assault Ship Castilla participated in the joint Navy/Army special forces exercise SOFEX 16


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1966/    eslla 005 Rota

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    61-355 sh-3d     HS.9-01: Armada 01-501 Z.9-1 MAP BuNo 153532; conv SH-3G; conv SH-3H;+
    61-359 sh-3d     HS.9-03: Armada 01-503 Z.9-3 MAP BuNo 153534; conv SH-3G; w/o 19jul8+
    61-370 sh-3d 1967     HS.9-05: Armada 01-505 Z.9-5 MAP BuNo 153536; conv SH-3G; conv SH-3H;+
    61-375 sh-3d 1968     HS.9-06 : Armada 01-506 Z.9-6; 1st hand MAP BuNo 153537; conv SH-3G; c+
    61-499 sh-3d 1969     HS.9-07: Armada 01-507 Z.9-7; MAP BuNo 158724; conv SH-3G; conv SH-3H+
    61-701 sh-3d 1969     HS.9-08: Armada 01-508 Z.9-8; conv SH-3G; conv SH-3H; 2011 eslla 005+
    61-707 sh-3d     HS.9-09: Armada 01-509 Z.9-9; MAP BuNo 159053; conv SH-3G; conv SH-3H+
    61-709 sh-3d     HS.9-11: Armada 005-11 Z.9-11; MAP BuNo 159055; conv SH-3G; conv SH-3+
    61-710 sh-3d     HS.9-12: Armada 005-12 Z.9-12. MAP BuNo 159056; conv SH-3G; conv SH-3+
    61-838 sh-3d     HS.9-13: Armada 01-513. MAP BuNo 161207. conv SH-3G w/o 14may85
    61-839 sh-3d     HS.9-14: Armada 01-514 MAP BuNo 161208; conv SH-3G, conv SH-3H
    61-840 sh-3d     HS.9-15: Armada 01-515. MAP BuNo 161209. conv SH-3G. conv SH-3H
    61-841 sh-3d     HS.9-16: Armada 01-516. MAP BuNo 161210. conv SH-3G. conv SH-3H
    61-842 sh-3d     HS.9-17: Armada 01-517. MAP BuNo 161211. conv SH-3G. conv SH-3H; 2015+
    61-843 sh-3d     HS.9-18: Armada 01-518. MAP BuNo 161212. conv SH-3G w/o 12nov85
    61-499 sh-3d 1969     HS.9-7: sh-3h 05feb16 type: SH-3H eslla 005./01-507 embarked SPS Cantabria
    61-708 sh-3d     Z.9-10: Armada 005-10. MAP BuNo 159054. w/o 19may75
    61-358 sh-3d     Z.9-2: Armada 005-2 MAP BuNo 153533; w/o 03nov78
    61-369 sh-3d     Z.9-4: Armada 005-4 MAP BuNo 153535; w/o 14apr76

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