Airbus Helicopters ec135
germany ADAC Luftrettung

ADAC Air Rescue

2015 to present

ADAC Luftrettung ec135

Eurocopter-built airframes P1/P2 listed separately. Since 2018, ADAC ALT leased T3 for Bundeswehr training

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Fifth and Final H135 Trainer to Bundeswehr, 12-Jun-18 : #training German Armed Forces joint helicopter school at Bückeburg received the fifth and last H135 / EC135T3 from the outsourcing contract to ADAC and Milestone

Waypoint Delivers H135 Trainer to ADAC, 25-Apr-18 : Waypoint leased one H135 to German ADAC Luftfahrt Technik GmbH (ALT) for pilot training. This is their seventh H135 delivery and first transaction with ALT

ADAC Leased Four H135 for German Army Training, 14-Mar-18 : ADAC leased 4 new H135/EC135T3 from Milestone for the German Army Aviation School


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2015/    ALT Landshut
Halle Oppin

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

1266 ec135t3     D-HCBK: ADAC ALT Mar18, for German Army
Milestone Aviation D-HCBK: Milestone, to ADAC

German Army Aviation D-HABW: HEER, op by ADAC (?)
1267 ec135t3     D-HCBL: ADAC ALT, for German Army
German Army Aviation D-HABV: HEER
1268 ec135t3     D-HECC: ADAC ALT, for German Army
German Army Aviation D-HABU: HEER
1178 ec135p3 2015     D-HXBA: ADAC, 1st ec135p3 / h135
Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HECD: Airbus Helicopters Mar15
1188 ec135p3     D-HXBB: ADAC, test serial D-HECB
1194 ec135p3     D-HXBC: ADAC, test serial D-HCBE

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