2003 to present

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10015     OM-ATA: Air Transport Europe from 2003 ex HB-XWO
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWO: REGA from 1995 to 2003 toward OM-ATA
10009 1993     OM-ATB: Air Transport Europe from 2004, ambulance
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWI: REGA 1993-2004
10011 1993     OM-ATC: Air Transport Europe from 2004 ex HB-XWK. w/o 02jan06 near +
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWK: REGA from 1994 to 2004 toward OM-ATC
10001 1991     OM-ATD: Air Transport Europe from 2005 ex HB-XWA
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWA: REGA to 2005 toward OM-ATD
10012 1994     OM-ATE: Air Transport Europe from 2003 ex HB-XWL
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWL: REGA from 1994 to 2003 toward OM-ATE
10021     OM-ATF: ex I-AGKK; 31may06 pictured before delivery to new owner ov+
elidolomiti I-AGKK: Pieve di Cadore, Provincia di Belluno; to OM-ATF
10023     OM-ATG: Air Transport Europe 2010, ex I-HBHA
Helitalia SpA I-HBHA: Helitalia, ex I-ECAM, to OM-ATG
10004 1992     OM-ATJ: Air Transport Europe 2012, ex HB-XWD
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWD: REGA; 2008 REGA 6
10013 1994     OM-ATK: Air Transport Europe 2011, ex HB-XWM
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWM: REGA
10008 1993     OM-ATL: Air Transport Europe from 2011
Swiss Air Rescue HB-XWH: REGA Nov93-Jan11