MBB Bo105
chile Armada de Chile

Chilean Navy

Del'd: 7 - 1990 to present


  • Armada de Chile Bo105
  • Armada de Chile Bo105Aboard transport ship Aquiles (AP-41) in Antarctica

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1994/14HU-1 Viña del Mar

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S-624     40: Naval. UH-05 type (Bo105CBS). HU-1 w/o 28jun02
S-745     41: Naval. UH-05 type (Bo105CBS). HU-1
S-158 1974     42: Naval. UH-05 type (Bo105CBS) HU-1; preserved at Viña del Ma+
- N90755: USA, test serial D-HDEZ; 1979 badly damaged

Aerocardal CC-CWA: Chile 1988-1990, Aerocardal ?
S-856     43: Naval. UH-05 type (Bo105CBS). HU-1; 2012 still
S-857     44: Naval. UH-05 type (Bo105CBS). HU-1
S-876 105cbs-4     45: Naval UH-05 type; HU-1; w/o 15jun00 destroyed by fire at Zan+
Chilean Air Force H-68: fach unk; to CC-45
S-877     46: Naval. UH-05 type (Bo105CBS). HU-1; Jan 2000 pictured at La +

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