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    GMR Orders Bell 407GX and H125 Frasca Simulators, 25-Feb-20 : #PilotTraining Global Medical Response (GMR) a leading air medical transportation company, acquired two Flight Training Devices (FTD) to be used for both initial and recurrent helicopter pilot training by its air ambulance units Med-Trans (Bell 407GX) and Guardian Flight (Airbus H125)

    Midwest Aerocare Now Flying Bell 407, 28-Oct-19 : #ambulance Midwest Aerocare, an air ambulance helicopter based in Pittsburg, Kansas serving southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri, and northeast Oklahoma changed helicopter from AS350B2 to Bell 407. It is operated by Med-Trans, part of Global Medical Response (GMR)

    Med-Trans in Bell 407 Medical Training in China, 26-May-19 : Shaanxi Helicopter Co (SHC) Bell 407GXP and Med-Trans Corp training for the air medical rescue program launched earlier this year by the National Health Commission and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)

    Med-Trans Opens New AeroCare Base in Texas, 21-May-18 : Med Trans opened a new AeroCare base at Hale County Airport in Plainview, Texas with medically-equipped Bell 407

    Med-Trans Bell 407 in McAlester, Oklahoma, 02-Sep-15 : Med-Trans Corp launched McAlester Regional Air Care, a critical care air medical Bell 407 helicopter to serve McAlester Regional Health Center. Replaces service previously provided by EagleMed LLC

    New Bell 407GX Lands at Regional West Nebraska, 01-Dec-14 : Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Services Nebraska, has a brand new Bell 407GX operated by Med-Trans Corp

    Med-Trans takes delivery of Bell 407GX from Wysong, 19-Sep-14 : Wysong Enterprises, Inc. has delivered a Bell Helicopter 407GX to Med-Trans Corp. prior to the Air Medical Transport Conference.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    State of South Carolina AnMed LifeFlight

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    54108 2012     N108MT: Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from May13; Me+
    Bell Helicopter N30BH: Bell Jun12, test serial C-GLZE

    State of Louisiana N108MT: Life Air Rescue, op by Metro Aviation; ~2014 pictured (+

    State of Oregon N108MT: AirLink CCT op by Med Trans and REACH titles; Mar17 pi+
    54056 2011     N241MT: Vesey Air at Danbury, CT May11-Sep13, test serial C-FEXW
    TVPX N241MT: TVPX ARS Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT from Apr16

    State of Texas N241MT: AeroCare by 2018, op by Med-Trans
    54067 2011     N242MT: Pacific Western Bank at Chicago, IL from Jun14, op by Med Tr+
    Bell Helicopter N436FA: Bell May11, test serial C-GADH

    State of North Dakota N242MT: Capital Source Bank at Chevy Chase, MD Sep11-Jun14

    Spirit Lifeline, St. Joseph Hospital and Health Center,+

    EagleMed N242MT: EagleMed (GMR) by 2019
    54719 407gxp 2016     N365MT: Med Trans for C.A.R.E. Flight by Dec18
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FULJ: Bell Canada Dec16-Mar17

    Bell Helicopter N365MT: Bell Mar17

    TVPX N365MT: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

    State of South Carolina N365MT: Colleton County C.A.R.E. Flight at Walterboro, SC, op b+
    53254 1998     N407CR: Med Trans from Jul07
    State of South Carolina N407CR: Greenville Health, GHS Med-Trans; pictured

    53143 1997     N407LG: Med Trans Corp Sep13-Jan19
    State of Iowa N407LG: St Lukes Hospital at Cedar Rapids, IA from Apr97, test +

    Air Evac Lifeteam N407LG: Air Evac EMS Inc at O Fallon, MO from Jan19
    53289 1998     N407SM: Med Trans Corp
    Bell Helicopter N8153H: Bell

    State of Arizona N407SM: Arizona LifeLine, noted 2004, op by Med Trans

    State of South Carolina N407SM: AnMed LifeFlight at Anderson,SC by 2018. Op by Med Tran+

    pictured (pic2)
    53036 1996     N407UT: Med Trans Corp at Tucson, AZ from May07
    State of Tennessee N407UT: University of Tennessee UT LifeStar

    Aug14 as /LifeStar IV pictured (pic1) with Campbell Cou+

    Jun18 pictured (pic2) providing event medicine coverag+
    53222 1997     N407WA: Med Trans Corp from Dec05
    53272 1998     N409UT: Med Trans Jul/Sep 2009
    - XB-MTT: Mexico, test serial N44501

    State of Texas N522MT: AeroCare, op by MedTrans; Nov16 pictured at AeroCare 2
    54129 2013     N429MT: Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE Apr13-Aug19; M+
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GUVO: Bell Canada, test serial C-GADH

    Bell Helicopter N4870B: Bell
    53974 2009     N457MT: Med Trans Corp Oct10-Aug17
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GCUX: Bell Canada, test serial C-GBUP

    Bell Helicopter N974RL: Bell Mar10

    TVPX N457MT: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
    54092 2012     N462SB: Air Reach, McLeod Health op by Med-Trans; Critical Care Tra+
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GOLQ: Bell Canada Feb12, test serial C-GFNL

    Bell Helicopter N462SB: Bell from Mar12, N482AE ntu

    State of South Carolina N407AR: Textron Aviation Finance at Wichita, KS from Dec12; Air+
    53549 2003     N502MT: Med Trans Corp from Jul03; CareStar ambulance, Odessa, Texas+
    53307 1998     N505MT: Med Trans Corp from Apr04
    53511 2001     N506MT: Med Trans from Mar02, test serial C-GJSD
    State of South Carolina N506MT: Regional One Air Medical at Spartanburg, op by Med Tran+
    53512 2001     N507MT: Med Trans Corp Apr07-Apr17
    - N507MT: Midwest Leasing Inc at Bismarck, ND

    State of California N507MT: Reach Air Medical Services Llc at Santa Rosa, CA Apr17-+

    Air Evac Lifeteam N494AE: Air Evac EMS Inc at O'Fallon, MO from Jul20

    State of Missouri N494AE: MU Health Care MU4 at Kirksville, Missouri, op by Air E+
    53326 1998     N508MT: Med Trans Corp from Jan03
    53281 1998     N509MT: Med-trans Corp from Jan03, ex N2022Y
    - N147CF: to N2022Y

    State of South Dakota N509MT: St. Luke's Avera Careflight ambulance, op by Med Trans+

    Was the replacement for N400SL that also crashed in Sep+
    54099 2012     N509MT: Med-Trans from Jun18
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GPLI: Bell Canada Mar/Apr 2012, test serial C-FOEP

    Bell Helicopter N492MT: Bell Apr12

    - N509MT: Regions Equipment Finance at Birmingham, AL Jun12-Jun18
    53563 2003     N511MT: Med Trans Corp from Sep03
    State of Arizona N511MT: Arizona LifeLine; Apr17 pictured
    53571 2003     N512MT: Med Trans from Nov09
    53226 1997     N513MT: Med Trans from Dec03
    Air Evac Lifeteam N342AE: Air Evac EMS from Sep15

    Nov16 based out of Del Rio, TX
    53578 2003     N514MT: Med Trans Corp from Jan04
    53604 2004     N515MT: Med Trans Corp; Jul10-Nov14 Colorado Springs, CO; 2014- Lew+
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FBKC: Bell Canada, test serial C-FOEP

    AVN Air LLC N515MT: AVN Air Llc at Hunt Valley, MD

    State of Colorado N515MT: Memorial Star Transport Colorado, pictured (pic1)

    State of Texas N515MT: AeroCare /8 op by Med-Trans, pictured (pic2) Premian Ba+
    53762 2007     N516MT: Med Trans Corp from Jun07,test serial C-FNGE
    State of South Carolina N516MT: SC Air Care, op by Med Trans; pictured
    53915 2009     N518MT: Suntrust Equipment Finance & Leasing at Lewisville, TX Apr09+
    State of Texas N518MT: Shannon AirMed 1, op by Med Trans
    53956 2009     N519MT: Cessna Finance Corp from Sep09, test serial C-FEXW
    State of Arizona N519MT: Arizona LifeLine, op by Med Trans; Aug18 pictured
    53805 2007     N520MT: Cessna Finance Corp from Mar08; Med Trans Corp
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FRGX: Bell Canada Nov/Dec 2007, test serial C-GBUH

    Bell Helicopter N520MT: Bell Dec07-Feb08

    State of Texas N520MT: NWTX Lifestar from 2008, op by Med Trans; pictured
    54750 407gxp     N521MT: Bride Funding Group Inc at Hunt Valley, CA from Nov18
    Bell Helicopter N521MT: Bell Apr18, test serial C-GAEO

    State of Mississippi N521MT: Mississippi AirRescue / UMMC, op by Med-Trans Corp, pi+

    Landed at a fire station, Lexington, KY
    53272 1998     N522MT: Med Trans Corp from Sep09
    - XB-MTT: Mexico, test serial N44501

    State of Texas N522MT: AeroCare, op by MedTrans; Nov16 pictured at AeroCare 2
    54828 407gxi 2018     N527MT: Med-Trans by Jul19
    - C-GAEP: Bell Canada

    Bell Helicopter N527MT: Bell from 19dec18

    State of Alabama N527MT: Medstar Air Care 2 in Atmore, AL op by Med-Trans, pictu+
    53428 2000     N601MT: Med Trans Corp from Jan07
    Air Evac Lifeteam N488AE: Air Evac EMS from Mar13
    54631 407gxp 2015     N631MT: Med Trans from Dec15
    Bell Helicopter N585UH: Bell Aug15

    State of Tennessee N631MT: Wings Air Rescue /Wings2 based in Greeneville, TN by ,+
    54116 2012     N655RA: Wells Fargo Bank Oct15; Med Trans
    Bell Helicopter N481AE: Bell Jul12, test serial C-GAED; N481MT ntu

    - N481AE: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA at Columbus, OH Sep12

    State of Florida N655RA: UF Health Jacksonville; TraumaOne Air Ambulance South b+
    54685 407gxp 2016     N685MT: Med-Trans Aug16
    Bell Helicopter N653PB: Bell Mar16

    State of Alabama N914UF: Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct16; Medstar Air Care 1, Ba+
    54686 407gxp 2016     N686MT: Med Trans
    Bell Helicopter N662YB: Bell Dec16

    State of Florida N915UF: UF Health ShandsCair Flight Program

    ShandsCair pictured
    54687 407gxp 2016     N687MT: Wells Fargo Bank Northweast NA trustee from May17; Med Trans
    Bell Helicopter N662XB: Bell Mar16

    State of Louisiana N687MT: Life Air Rescue, op by Med Trans; Mar18 pictured
    54141 2013     N705MT: Capital One Equipment Finance Corp at Towson, MD Nov13-Sep1+
    Bell Helicopter N705MT: Bell Aug13, test serial C-GFNY

    State of Iowa N705MT: Mercy Air Care (MAC) , op by Med Trans; Mercy Medical C+

    State of Utah N705MT: Bank Of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Dec16
    54465 407gx 2013     N706MT: Capital One Equip Corp from Mar14; Med-Trans; Sep14 delive+
    State of Mississippi N706MT:

    State of Florida N706MT: University of Florida Health ShandsCair, op by Med-Tran+
    54585 407gxp 2015     N709MT: MB Equipment Finance at Towson, MD from Jul15; Med Trans Cor+
    State of Oklahoma N709MT: First Flight from Mar17, op by Med Trans
    54664 407gxp 2016     N723MT: Textron Aviation Finance Corp from Sep16; Med-Trans
    Bell Helicopter N638MS: Bell Jan16

    State of Mississippi N723MT: Mississippi Air Rescue, op by Med Trans

    54496 407gx 2014     N730MT: JP Morgan Chase Bank Oct14; Med Trans Corp
    Bell Helicopter N512XB: Bell Jun14, test serial C-FBEG

    State of South Carolina N521RC: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee from Oct15; Colle+

    State of Mississippi N521RC: Mississippi Air Rescue Rescue 9. op by Med-Trans

    pictured (pic2) at UMMC
    54632 407gxp 2015     N732MT: Med Trans Corp Jan/Apr 2016
    Bell Helicopter N585VB: Bell

    TVPX N732MT: Tvpx Ars Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT Nov16

    State of Tennessee N732MT: Wings Air Rescue by Oct16, op by Med-Trans; Dec18 pictu+

    at Lewis Gale Medical Center, Salem, VA
    54612 407gxp 2015     N762MT: Med-Trans Sep/Dec 2015; Wells Fargo Bank Trustee from Dec15
    Bell Helicopter N762MT: Bell May/Sep 2015

    State of Florida N762MT: UF Health Shands Hospital, ShandsCair Flight Program, o+

    Sep18 custom engine stand by SAFE Structures Design
    54539 407gx 2014     N765MT: Helifleet 2015 Llc at Norwalk, CT from Dec15; Med-Trans
    Bell Helicopter N523YB: Bell, test serial C-FFOZ

    GC Air Llc N765MT: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015

    State of Tennessee N765MT: Wings Air Rescue by Jul16, op by Med-Trans
    54540 407gx 2014     N766MT: Helifleet 2015 Llc at Norwalk, CT from Dec15; Med-Trans
    Bell Helicopter N522UC: Bell, test serial C-GADH

    GC Air Llc N766MT: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015

    State of Tennessee N766MT: Wings Air Rescue by Jul16, op by Med-Trans
    54559 407gx 2014     N808MT: Med-Trans Sep15
    Bell Helicopter N808MT: Bell Oct/Nov 2014, test serial C-FHHP

    GC Air Llc N808MT: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015

    State of Oklahoma N808MT: McAlester AirCare Sep15, op by Med-Trans; Nov16 approv+
    53272 1998     N827DS: Med -Trans Jul08-Jul09
    - XB-MTT: Mexico, test serial N44501

    State of Texas N522MT: AeroCare, op by MedTrans; Nov16 pictured at AeroCare 2
    54630 407gxp 2015     N889MT: Med Trans Dec15-Mar16
    Bell Helicopter N889MT: Bell Sep15

    TVPX N889MT: TVPX ARS Inc Trustee at Concord, MA from Mar16

    EagleMed N889MT: May18 as EagleMed /9 pictured at Sim Lab Training in H+
    54131 2013     N910GX: Med Trans Corp from Oct19
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GVDK: Bell Canada, test serial C-GFNM

    - N702MT: Regions Equiment Finance Corp at Birmingham, AL from Ju+

    State of Colorado N910GX: North Colorado Med Evac Aug13-Oct19, op by Med-Trans

    /Med Evac II based at Boulder, CO

    at Centennial Airport, Denver, CO
    53784 2007     N911GX: Cessna Finance Corp from Oct07; Med Trans Corp
    Bell Helicopter N518MT: Bell Helicopters Sep07, test serial C-FOQM

    State of Colorado N911GX: North Colorado Med Evac by 2013, op by Med-Trans; Jun19+

    State of Kansas N911GX: Midwest AeroCare from Oct19, op by Med Trans
    53792 2007     N911LL: Cessna Finance Corp from Nov07
    Bell Helicopter N519MT: Bell Helicopter Oct07, test serial C-FPTR

    State of Nebraska N911LL: Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Service+

    Bell Helicopter N911LL: Cessna Finance Corp from Nov07
    54540 407gx 2014     N911LS: Med Trans from Mar19
    Bell Helicopter N522UC: Bell, test serial C-GADH

    GC Air Llc N766MT: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015

    State of Tennessee N766MT: Wings Air Rescue by Jul16, op by Med-Trans
    54486 407gx 2014     N911NE: Med-Trans Corp for Regional West Health Services, Nebraska
    Bell Helicopter N809MT: Bell Helicopter Apr14, test serial C-GZPU

    State of Utah N911NE: Bank of Utah trustee from Sep14

    State of Nebraska N911NE: Air Link at Regional West, Regional West Health Service+

    TVPX N911NE: Tvpx Ars Inc Trustee at Concord, MA from Sep18
    53259 1998     N911WA: Med Trans Corp from May07
    53785 2007     N912GX: Cessna Finance Corp from Oct07; Med Trans Corp
    Bell Helicopter N517MT: Bell Helicopters, to N912GX

    State of Colorado N912GX: North Colorado Med Evac, op by Med-Trans; pictured at +

    Bell Helicopter N911AE: Cessna Finance Corp from Oct19