Sikorsky S-92
brazil Omni Taxi Aereo

2013 to present

Omni Taxi Aereo S-92

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Omni Gets S-92 for Petrobras Offshore Operations, 17-Nov-16 : Milestone Aviation Group leased a Sikorsky S-92 to Omni Táxi Aéreo to support Petrobras offshore oil and gas operations in Brazil

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    92-0172 s-92a 2012     PR-OHE: Omni Taxi Aereo from Dec12
Sikorsky Helicopters N972S: Sikorsky 2012
    92-0177 s-92a 2012     PR-OHF: Omni Taxi Aereo from Feb13
Sikorsky Helicopters N977Y: Sikorsky 2012
    92-0187 s-92a 2012     PR-OHG: Omni Taxi Aereo from Apr13
Sikorsky Helicopters N187N: Sikorsky 2012
    92-0184 s-92a 2012     PR-OHI: Omni Taxi Aereo from Feb13
Sikorsky Helicopters N184W: Sikorsky 2012
    92-0208 s-92a 2013     PR-OHO: Omni Taxi Aereo 2014
Sikorsky Helicopters N208Y: Sikorsky Jul13-Jan14, To Brazil
    92-0277 s-92a 2015     PR-OHU: Omni Taxi Aereo, test serial N277Z

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