Westland 30
usa Pan Am

1984 to 1988

Pan Am 30

Taxi shuttle linking John F. Kennedy International Airport with Pan Am heliport at East 60th Street in central Manhattan. Operated by Omniflight Helicopters

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012 30-100-60     N112WG: Pan Am, op by Omniflight
013 30-100 1983     N113WG: Pan Am, op by Omniflight
Westland G-BKXY: Westland Nov83-Aug84

Westland Apr85-Aug88, conv to 100-60
014 30-100-60 1984     N114WG: Pan Am; 01aug87 pictured (top) at New York East 60th Street +
Westland G-EFIS: Westland 30-100 Jun84-Nov84; G-17-18; to N114WG

- N114WG: 17feb13 pictured (bot) preserved at Helicopter Museum W+
016 30-100-60     N116WG: Panam, op by Omniflight
Westland G-17-20: WG30-100-60; Westland, G-BLLG ntu

- N116WG: 01sep00 stored at The International Helicopter Museum

- : 09aug17 pictured Off-Airport training aid for off-sh+
018 30-100-60     N118WG: Pan Am, op by Omniflight
011 30-100-60 1983     N4499N: Panam, op by Omniflight
Westland G-VAJC: Westland Jul/Oct 1983, test serial G-17-17

Westland G-BLEO: Westland Dec83-Feb84

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