1982 to present

Royal Thai Air Force 412

1982 - Bell 412
1991 - Bell 412SP
2003 - Bell 412EP

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Vector to supply parts for Thailand Bell 412 fleet, 08-Oct-14 : Richmond, BC – Vector Aerospace Corporation, a global independent provider of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, is pleased to announce that Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services – North America (“HS-NA”) has signed an agreement with the Royal Thailand Air Force (“RTAF”) to provide PT6T engine accessories including fuel control units and governors and combining gearboxes for the RTAF’s fleet of Bell 412 aircraft.

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    33035     H6Kh-1/25: RTAF 201Sqn, ex N2232B
    33039     H6Kh-2/25: RTAF 201Sqn
    36010 412sp     H6Kh2-1/41: RTAF 201Sqn, ex N6602Z
    36021 412sp     H6Kh2-2/34: RTAF 201Sqn, ex N65362
    36025 412hp     H6Kh2-3/34: RTAF 201 Sqn, ex N4303K, test serial C-FKDV
    36172 412ep     H6Ng-1/41: RTAF 201 Sqn, ex N63203
    36193 412ep     H6Ng-2/41: RTAF 201 Sqn, ex N7076L
    36194 412ep     H6Ng-3/41: RTAF 201 Sqn, ex N70774
    36195 412ep     H6Ng-4/41: RTAF 201 Sqn, ex N7031U
    36302 412ep     H6Ng-5/46: RTAF 201 Sqn, ex N3063B
    36303 412ep     H6Ng-6/46: RTAF 201 Sqn, ex N3064C
    36565 412ep     HPhT3-1/54: RTAF /93306, ex N422AB
    36567 412ep     HPhT3-2/54: RTAF /93307, ex N393BH

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