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AgustaWestland AW109
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22120 aw109s 2009 G-CGBT Sloane Jul/Aug 2010
- G-CGBT: Heli-International Aps at Copenhagen, Denmark Jun09-Jun...
- N151MG: Bank of America NA at Providence, RI Jul/Aug 2010
- PP-NOR: Kieppe Participacoes e Administracao Ltd Aug10-Jun15
- N868VP: Global Aircraft Corp Trustee at Fort Lauderdale, FL Jul...
General Helicopters International Inc at Chesapeake, OH...
Elevair Aviation Llc at San Antonio, TX from Jul16
Feb/Jun 2022 for sale Agusta Grand A109s 2009 - 1,082 f...
22423 aw109sp 2020 G-DRLA Sloane Helicopters Ltd from Dec20
AgustaWestland Italy I-PTFO: Leonardo Italy Jul20, test serial I-EASJ, pictured (pic...
Lease Corporation International G-DRLA: LCI leasing 2020
UK Air Ambulances G-DRLA: The Air Ambulance Service, op by Sloane
pictured (pic2)

10:30 hs Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Sloane, Enniskillen as SLN03
22447 aw109sp 2023 G-FRGP ex I-PTFO; reg G-FRGP to Sloane Helicopters.
- I-PTFO: manufacturer test serial; to UK
- G-FRGP: re-reg to SDI Aviation Ltd, Rugby.
noted just after dawn, over Watford, heading NW.
22336 aw109sp 2014 G-HCOM Helicom Jan15-Mar17
- G-HLSA: London Southend Airport Apr17-Jan19
- G-GALI: Gall Air from Jan19
noted departing Coventry and heading SE.
noted over Shepherd's Bush, heading NW, for Elstree.
May/Oct 2023 for sale Grand New 109SP 2015 - 2,300 flig...
22156 aw109s 2009 G-HEMZ Sloane since Jan10; air ambulance
UK Air Ambulances G-HEMZ: Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance (D...
Children Air Ambulance op by Sloane; 21may13 pictured (...
29jan16 landed at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, Liverpo...
providing HEMS cover at the British Touring Car Champi...
as DLRAA TAAS /Helimed 53 at Sywell Sloane
12:03pm landed at Southam, Warwickshire
Irish Community Rapid Response G-HEMZ: ICRR North Cork from 23jun21, op by Sloane; National Am...
New paint scheme, now operated by Irish Community Rapid...
over Banbridge, Co down, Northern Ireland; Appears to h...
UK Air Ambulances G-HEMZ: Northern Ireland, Leased by Sloane to NIAA
refueling at Ulster Flying Club, Newtownards Airport
22734 trekker 2019 G-HITX Owned by Elstree Ink Ltd, operated by Sloane Helicopters.
Volare Aviation 2-DIVT: Volare Aviation GSY Limited from Nov23

London Oxford Airport with Volare Aviation
22438 aw109sp 2022 G-JFPG reg to Sloan Helicopters.
- G-JFPG: re-reg to AW Jenkinson Business Services Ltd, Penrith.
noted flying in King's Langley area, heading SE.
22271 aw109sp 2012 G-MAOL Sloane from Dec15
- G-MAOL: Mash Aviation jun12-Dec15; pictured (pic1) at Glasgow ...
Holiday Inn, Bristol
Penzance Heliport Ltd G-MAOL: Penzance Helicopters backup, op by Sloane
Contracted to Penzance Helicopter for flights to the Is...
flying at Penzance Heliport without ABS-D and can't be ...

11679 aw109e 2006 G-MEDS Sloane Sep06-Sep09
UK Air Ambulances G-MEDS: Derbyshire Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance (DL...
Kocoglu Aviation TC-HJT: Koçoğlu Aviation 2009-2014
Al-Burhan Airways YI-BAA: Al-Burhan Airways at Baghdad from
Heli Excel Intl, Kurdistan from Jul17
11745 aw109e 2008 G-MEDX Sloane Nov08-Mar18
UK Air Ambulances G-MEDX: op by Sloane, used as a backup helicopter for Helimed 5...
Used as main Helimed for MAGPAS charity
- YI-BAO: Al Burhan Airways, Iraq from 2018, pictured ferry fligh...
22448 aw109sp 2023 G-OFFC ex I-PTFP; to Sloane Helicopters,
- I-PTFP: manufacturer test serial; to UK
SaxonAir G-OFFC: re-reg to SaxonAir Charter, Norwich.
22440 aw109sp G-RANL reg to Sloane Helicopters
22733 trekker 2019 G-RMBH Rotor Flight Assets Ltd from Sep19, test serial I-EASP
11777 2009 G-RSCU Sloane Helicopters from Dec09
UK Air Ambulances G-RSCU: Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance (WNAA) ...
TAAS pictured (pic1) at Swadlincote, England
as /Helimed 69 pictured (pic2) with new paint color sch...
15:35 hs landed an Playing fields adjacent Cokayne Aven...
15:15 landed Bakewell playing fields off A6
Irish Community Rapid Response G-RSCU: Irish Community Rapid Response /Helimed 92
Northampton to Cork, Observed Waterford, ROI area
Cork Airport today for its base at Rathcoole
UK Air Ambulances G-RSCU: LNAACT second summer helicopter Jul/Aug 2021

Air Ambulance NI red livery, based in Maze, Co Down
Maze Long Kesh, Northern Ireland Air Ambulance Service
Northern Ireland, New red livery for Air Ambulance Nort...
11789 aw109e 2011 G-SHLS Sloane Helicopters from Sep18
AgustaWestland USA N103H: AgustaWestland, PA Jan/Sep 2012
State of Pennsylvania N103H: Keystone Med-Flight, MidAtlantic Medevac at Hahnemann ...
UK Air Ambulances G-SHLS: Sloane spare ambulance by Jul19
Irish Community Rapid Response G-SHLS: Irish Community Rapid Response at Cork, Ireland by , op...
Spare heli for ICRR
UK Air Ambulances G-SHLS: Aircraft is on interim contract with EHAAT at their Ear...
22452 aw109sp 2023 G-SIRT ex I-EASP, reg to Sloane
AgustaWestland Italy I-EASP: AW109SP GN
- G-SIRT: re-reg to Gall Air LLP, Rugby.
noted over Kidlington, heading NW.
noted over Barking, heading SE, crossing the River Tham...
11115 aw109e 2001 G-SIVC Sloane May 2001
- G-SIVC: Mandarin Aviation Jun01-Jun04
- G-ECMM: The Meade Corp Jun04-Aug05
- EI-MLN: Earthquake (Irl) Ltd Aug05-Feb08
- N174ST: Jet Finance Group at Nashville, TN from Mar08
heli transair.com D-HNHG: Heli Transair European Air Services GmbH Oct12-Sep13; N...
Air Methods N115GH: Air Methods from Dec13
Mercy Air N115GH: Mercy Air /11 at Mesquite, Nevada, repl a Bell 222 ,...
pictured (pic2) at Zion National Park, op by Air Method...
22027 aw109s 2006 G-STGR WA Developments Intl from Oct07, Stobart Air; Private Oct12-Dec14
- ZS-BAX: Quickbird Executive Pty Ltd South Africa Nov06-Oct07
- G-STGR: NT Burton Aviation 19/23 mar15
20mar15 at Inanda club Sandton, Johannesburg, South Afr...
- G-EMHD: NT Burton Aviation from 23mar15
Jun16-Jan17 for sale Agusta Grand A109s 2006; located ...
22305 aw109sp 2013 G-TAAS Sloane Helicopters from Jul13
UK Air Ambulances G-TAAS: Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance (D...
The Air Ambulance Service, pictured (pic1)
TAAS /Helimed54 pictured (pic2) landing on football fie...
pictured (pic3) at the EMA base
22444 aw109sp 2023 G-TJPK Slane Helicopters Jan/Feb 2023, test serial I-PTFO
- G-TJPK: Botany Aviation Ltd, Chorley from Feb23
noted over Fulham, West London, heading SE.
09:25 hs over Nottingham from Chorley going south rewa...
noted heading NE over Skipton, towards Darlington.
Flying over Ashton In Makerfield
Holme, Cambs
left Crutherland hotel,East Kilbride
flying low over Llantarnam, Cwmbran
parked at Ipswich Rugby club
Flown over stoke on trent heading towards stafford
17:45 hs flying over Wigan, WN2 postcode
11123 aw109e 2001 G-VMCO Sloane July 2001
- G-VMCO: Unique Aviation Aug01-Jul03
- G-TYCN: AJ Walter Aviation at Horsham Jul03-Apr11
- M-ONEY: AJ Walters Aviation at Isle of Man Apr/Oct 11
- M-EMLI: AJ Walters Aviation at Isle of Man Oct11-Jan17
- G-WIZG: Tycoon Aviation Ltd at The Valley, Anguilla -Feb18
Tycoon Aviation Ltd at Nassau, Bahamas from
pictured landing at RAF Brize Norton
08:50 hs at Lands End Airport
11710 aw109e 2007 G-WELY Sloane Jan/May 2014
- G-WELY: Titan Airways Ltd Aug07-Jan14
- G-WDCL: Wickford Development Company Ltd from Jun14
noted flying W over Ingatestone.
noted heading W over Potter's Bar.
22426 aw109sp 2020 G-WNAS Sloane Helicopters from Jan21
Lease Corporation International G-WNAS: LCI Jan21, test serial I-RAIQ
UK Air Ambulances G-WNAS: The Air Ambulance Service 2021, op by Sloane, pictured
Helimed 53
as Helimed 54, covering for G-DRLA
Brackley leisure centre
Helimed 53
Kingswood;;Landed on Kingswood School field to attend i...
22347 aw109sp 2015 G-ZIOO Sloane Helicopters from 23oct15; To be allocated RAF registration GZ100 upon del...
AgustaWestland Italy I-PTFP: AgustaWestland Oct15, for RAF
Royal Air Force GZ100: RAF 32Sqn VVIP
asg 32Sq (The Royal) Sq pictured (pic3) at RAF Cos...
Visited Cardiff on 20 Oct 2018 from 32(TR) Sq as ASCOT ...
flying around RAF Northolt
flying over Sheffield
flying around Heathrow
night flying around Surrey LGW 14/10/20

Heathrow to Barrow-in-Furness
flying over Stoke on Trent
flying over Chiltern Hills from Gloucestershire
flying circuits at Southend, as c/s Northolt 22.
Milton keynes, flying south towards London
09:15 hs landed at Marham
flew from Stansted to Northolt
Over Portsmouth, Hampshire
pictured (pic4) in Norwich. CHC H175 on background
departed Northolt early morning, noted E of Letchworth,...

    No longer with this org.

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