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    turkey Türk Jandarma Teskilati

    Turkish Gendarmerie

    Del'd: 35 - 1988 to present

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    Turkish Black Hawk Helicopters Upgrade, 24-Jun-00 : Rockwell Collins four 6 x 8 inch multifunction displays (MFD) to be used to upgrade 58 Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter cockpits for the Turkish Armed Forces

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    70-1322 s-70a-17     J-1322: Jandarma
    s-70a-17     J-1324: Jandarma
    70-1325 s-70a-17     J-1325: Jandarma
    70-1326 s-70a-17     J-1326: Jandarma; w/o ?
    70-1327 s-70a-17     J-1327: Jandarma
    s-70a-17     J-1328: Jandarma
    70-1329 s-70a-17     J-1329: Jandarma; w/o 13jan95
    70-1331 s-70a-17     J-1331: Jandarma
    Turkish Army 10552: S-70A-28D
    70-1333 s-70a-17     J-1333: Jandarma
    70-1829 s-70a-28     J-1829: Jandarma, S-70A-28E type
    70-1877 s-70a-28     J-1877: Jandarma
    70-1892 s-70a-28     J-1892: Jandarma
    70-1894 s-70a-28     J-1894: Jandarma
    70-1895 s-70a-28     J-1895: Jandarma
    70-1896 s-70a-28     J-1896: Jandarma, type to be conf; w/o 27nov98
    70-1898 s-70a-28     J-1898: Jandarma, type to be conf; w/o 14sep97
    70-1900 s-70a-28     J-1900: Jandarma
    70-1902 s-70a-28     J-1902: Jandarma
    70-1904 s-70a-28     J-1904: Jandarma
    70-1908 s-70a-28     J-1908: Jandarma
    70-1909 s-70a-28     J-1909: Jandarma
    70-1914 s-70a-28     J-1914: Jandarma
    70-1916 s-70a-28     J-1916: Jandarma
    70-1917 s-70a-28     J-1917: Jandarma
    70-1918 s-70a-28     J-1918: Jandarma
    70-1920 s-70a-28     J-1920: Jandarma
    70-1925 s-70a-28     J-1925: Jandarma
    70-1926 s-70a-28     J-1926: Jandarma, S-70A-28E; seen at Konya with exercise Anatolian+
    70-1927 s-70a-28     J-1927: Jandarma
    70-1966 s-70a-28     J-1966: Jandarma; w/o 10jun10
    70-1971 s-70a-28     J-1971: Jandarma
    70-2015 s-70a-28     J-2015: Jandarma
    70-2032 s-70a-28     J-2032: Jandarma
    70-2038 s-70a-28     J-2038: Jandarma
    70-2040 s-70a-28     J-2040: Jandarma
    70-3904 s-70i     J-3904: Jandarma
    PZL Mielec SP-YVC: PZL Mielec msn 0021

    Sikorsky Helicopters N904SK: Sikorsky, to SP-YVM
    70-3943 s-70i     J-3943: Jandarma
    PZL Mielec SP-YVF: PZL Mielec msn 0024; pictured as /H114 at Paris air s+

    Sikorsky Helicopters N943SK: Sikorsky, to SP-YVN