Del'd: 792 - 1964 to 1988

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1964/88US Army Aviation SchoolFort Wolters
Cairns AAF / Fort Rucker

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

85-0367     64-18055: US Army
- N37604: Hughes 269A; Fairfield Air Ventures Llc Carrol, OH

Integrity Air Service at Cogan Station, PA May08-Jan19

State of Pennsylvania N37604: Pennsylvania College of Technology at Williamsport, PA +
0382 1965     64-18070: US Army
- N8056H: to N114CS

- N114CS: Mar83

- 64-18070: preserved Vietnam Helicopters Museum at Concord, CA by+
105-0413 1965     64-18101: US Army
- N87698: USA, to N90MP

State of Missouri N90MP: Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) ?
0500     64-18188: US Army
- N9020M: Skypro Industries Inc; w/o impacted terrain adjacent +
0512     64-18200: US Army
0513     64-18201: US Army
0514     64-18202: US Army
0515     64-18203: US Army
0526     64-18214: US Army
State of Florida N50045: Collier Mosquito Control District (CMCD) at Naples, FL +
56-0534     64-18222: US Army
State of Florida N1025C: Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) Apr79-Oct91

- N1040S: scr
56-0551     64-18239: US Army
- N7050D: reg 1988; private at Justin, TX from Jul12; pictured a+
96-0653 1965     65-18258: US Army, ntu 65-13063
- N1336C: USA 1987, 269A type

- N653CH: Ellis Wood Aviation Inc at Statesboro, GA

BAK Aviation Llc at Statesboro, GA from Jun11

w/o 26aug19 hard landing at Shamokin, PA
76-0603     66-18320: USArmy; original BuNo 66-9083; to civ N10224
- N10224: Florida Rotorcraft 1999; to LV-ZTL

- LV-ZTL: Helifly SRL d/d Jun00; Hughes 269A; Dec.2011 pictured a+
76-0636     66-18324: US Army; w/o 23jun67 crashed at Fort Wolters, Texas in train+
76-0610     66-18325: US Army
- N50045: private at Troy, MO May05-Dec11, conv to 269A type

Ace Helicopters Llc at Colfax, WI Jul13-Dec15

Ocean Air Inc at Eugene, OR from Dec15
78-0986     67-16879: USArmy; preserved off airport Russell, Illinois
108-1015     67-16908: US Army
State of California N57953: Long Beach Community College District from Nov74

- N57953: pictured preserved at the At Wings and Rotors Air Muse+
128-1043     67-16936: USArmy; 1987 to Honduras as FAH911
Honduras Air Force FAH-911: FAH; ex 67-16936
19-1062     67-16955: USArmy; preserved at Hubschraubermuseum of Buckeburg, German+
19-1078     67-16971: US Army
State of Texas N20906: City Of El Paso Police Department from Nov93

Canton Police Dept, Canton; canc Oct13; GSA, bought b+
47-0696 1967     67-18384: US Army; Jul92 to N9061R
- N9061R: conv to 269A; Rotors And Wings Aviation at Bourbonnais,+

American Aircraft Sales at Lincolnshire, IL; w/o 12jul1+