Del'd: 79 - 1970 to present

Photos of Bell UH-1N in US Air Force

The cockpit
Photos of UH-1N in US Air Force helicopter service.

Bell UH-1N


Oct78 pictured with 41st RWRW / Det 18 at Nellis AFB, Nevada

Bell UH-1N


18mar11 pictured as 40th HS /MM-776 with Pathfinders mrks over Montana s landscape

Bell UH-1N


USAF; 04may04 pictured with 40th HS at Vandenberg AFB, CA maneuvering through an obstacle course during Guardian Challenge, the annual premier space and missile competition

Bell UH-1N


w/o 28apr11 asg 58SOW pictured crashed at Kirtland AFB during training flight, 4 crewmen left the downed Huey shortly before it caught fire. No injuries

Bell UH-1N


26jul11 pictured as 54th HS /MT Rough Riders at Minot AFB

Bell UH-1N


pictured (top) date unk as VIP at Ramstein, Germany

Bell UH-1N


1991 pictured in VIP cammo with 58th MAS (Ramstein AFB) at RAF Leuchars, UK

Bell UH-1N


30jul77 pictured as VIP at Ramstein, Germany

Bell UH-1N


USAF; Oct84 pictured with 67 ARRS at RAF Woodbridge, UK

Bell UH-1N


USAF; 1982/84 pictured (pic1) foreground at Indian Springs Air Force Auxilary Field (now Creech AFB) Nevada. The red and white paint scheme were as assigned to Det1, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing (FWW). This later became the 4460th Helicopter Squadron and the color scheme was changed to the white and black

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