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Airbus H145D3
ukraine Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine

Ten originally ordered as EC145T2 in 2018. In June 2019 was announced 8 will be of the new 5-blades rotor type

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Airbus Training Centre in Ukraine

Airbus Training Centre in Ukraine

17-Jun-19 - An Airbus H225/EC225 full flight simulator to be set up in Krementchuk, Ukraine for training of the 21 helicopters acquired last year with 4 already delivered. Eight of the 10 new H145/EC145T2 also ordered will be of the new five-bladed rotor variant #Ukraine
Ukraine Signed Order for 55 Airbus Helicopters

Ukraine Signed Order for 55 Airbus Helicopters

14-Jul-18 - As announced last March, the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior signed purchase of 21 second-hand H225, 10 new H145 and 24 H125 for police and medical service including local maintenance facilities #contract

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
21007 2020 03 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HBTH
21018 04 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HADI
21029 2021 05 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HADB
21033 06 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HBKC
21036 2021 07 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HBKI
21056 2021 08 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HADN
21064 2021 09 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HBKB
21065 2021 10 Ukraine Police, test serial D-HBKR

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