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First Charter Bell 407GX in the Philippines

PhilJets announced the arrival of a new Bell 407GX to its fleet. It is the eighth helicopter for the group, and is the only 407GX currently available for charter in the Philippines.

PhilJets announced the arrival of a new Bell 407GX to its fleet. It is the eighth helicopter for the group, and is the only 407GX currently available for charter in the Philippines.

Philjets, September 20, 2017 - PhilJets Group, a leading boutique aviation company that services the Asia Pacific region—specifically the Philippines—charges forward in its thrust to become the top leader in business aviation by introducing a new helicopter manufacturer to its fleet for 2017.

Though PhilJets has sustained constant dynamic growth these past three years, it strives to strengthen its position in business aviation. Hence the company has acquired from Bell Helicopter, the Bell 407: a top-of-the-line single engine aircraft and the first of PhilJets’ fleet to feature club seating configuration aimed toward an upscale corporate clientele.

With a rich 80-year-old history behind it, Bell Aircraft Corporation is the first to obtain commercial certification for a helicopter. The company ensures it delivers only superior quality commercial and military aircraft and its range of aircraft offers safe and superior vertical lift that save lives, preserves freedom and provides customers exceptional value.

The versatile Bell 407—one out of 35, 000 aircraft delivered by Bell Aircraft Corporation around the world—is considered to be the smoothest ride in its class. Regarded for its reliability, speed, performance and maneuverability, the Bell 407 with its Rolls-Royce 250-C47B/8 turbine FADEC engine delivers exceptional performance as well as a spacious cabin that boasts of club-style seating for premium comfort. The most discerning of clientele will choose to travel in the extremely quiet Bell 407 expected to be delivered to PhilJets by second quarter of 2017.

The Philippine helicopter market is considered a relatively mature one, with more than 200 helicopters in rotation. Unfortunately, this fleet is aging and its renewal is slow but constant, including a steady 4 to 5% of new helicopters that enter the market every year.

“PhilJets has been stepping up regularly in the Philippine aviation industry in terms of service and experience. Our teams are doing a great job at keeping customer satisfaction high,” reveals Thierry Tea, Chairman & CEO of PhilJets. “It is not easy to meet all the expectations from the market, but we ought to aim at surpassing the standards,” adds Geoffroy Cahen, Head of Sales & Marketing.

The addition of the Bell 407 together with the new Airbus H145 T2 to its fleet will give PhilJets Group a total of nine Helicopters and two Business Jets in 2017. With these multi-purpose aircrafts and their capabilities, PhilJets aims to provide its customers with incomparable experiences for both of its local and international clientele.

About Philjets: PhilJets Group includes PhilJets Aero Services Inc. and PhilJets Aero Charter Corp, leaders in the Philippine Business Aviation industry providing Global Services in the Philippines and within the Asia Pacific Region. Its range of activities include General Aviation Services, Ground Handling, Aircraft Management, Aircrafts Sales, Spare Parts Sales, Maintenance Services, Technical Support, Manpower, Representation, Charter Flights, Helicopter Tours, and Aerial Work. PhilJets’ customers include General and Business Aviation firms, Commercial Airlines, MRO companies, Government Agencies, tourists and private individuals.

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