Bell 407

Bell 407GX

Bell 407GX

The GX features a Garmin G1000 H-model glass cockpit with two 10.4-inch high-resolution LCD screens and improved flight controls. Innovative suite also includes flight parameter storage on a SD card for post flight analysis. The 407GX also features a tail rotor camera, allowing the pilot a clear view of the tail during take-offs and landings.

On 2015 was unveiled the improved variant Bell 407GXP

Specifications 407GX

Engine 1 x Allison 250-C47B 813 shp
Capacity 1 + 6
Length (m) 12.7
Height (m) 3.3
Blades 4
Rotor diam. (m) 10
Disc area (m2) 89
Weight (kgs) Empty: 1200     Max: 2700
Speed (km/h) Cruise: 245     Max: 260
Range (km) 600
Ceiling (m) 5000
Rate/Climb (m/min)

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