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54120 2011 CA C-GUUK : 407 Bell Helicopter, USA serial N475XB; conv to 407GX type;+
CN B-7471 : Kingwing Aviation, 407GX type; pictured shortly after +
54300 2010 CA C-GHNW : Bell Canada Nov10-Feb12
US N407GX : Bell USA from Feb12
pictured (pic1) at Farnborough airshow, UK
pictured (pic2) at Forth Worth, TX
still Bell Helicopters
54301 2011 CA C-GKKS : Bell Canada, N461YL ntu
CA C-GXNH : Newfoundland Helicopters from Jun12; pictured
54303 2011 US N407SS : State Of Indiana at Indianapolis, IN Jul18; Indiana St+
54304 2011 CA C-GFNQ : Bell Canada
US N449KB : Bell Oct11-Jan12
PA HP-2330 : Panama from Jan12
Jan/Jun 2015 for sale Bell 407GX 2011 VIP Configuration+
US N280LB : Bell Helicopter Textron Inc at Fort Worth, TX Aug15
54305 2011 US N412UH : Metro Aviation Inc at Shreveport, LA Sep16
54306 2011 US N410TD : Bell Helicopter Oct11, test serial C-GLZQ
US N410TD : Gotham Helicopters Feb/May 2012; Helicopter Flight Ser+
US N407SC : Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun12
US N407SC : Red River Ranch Llc at Wilmington, DE from Nov17
54307 2011 US N408GM : Bell Nov11. test serial C-GFNU
US N408GM : private at Homer, AK Mar12-Jan15
Bank of Utah Trustee Jan15-Mar16
US N408GM : Flying Silk Llc at Conroe, TX Mar/Apr 2016
Mar/Apr 2016 for sale Bell 407GX 2011 Garmin 1000H Inte+
Shepherd Aircraft Holdings 237 Inventory Llc at Bellin+
Teton Air Llc at Jackson, WY Jun17-Jul18
US Trinity Equipment Llc at Argyle, TX from Jul18
54308 2011 US N457HA : Bell Dec11, test serial C-FOFH
IS TF-HHH : Helicopter Service of Iceland
54310 2011 CA C-GFNL : Bell Canada
US N452UB : Bell Nov11
BR PP-AHB : Brazil private; 15jul14 at Campo de Marte
54311 2011 US N452WF : Bell Nov11-Mar12, test serial C-GLYY
CL CC-AGT : Servicios Aeropatagual, Chile 2012
Agricola Garces Ltd by Jun19
US N88DJ : Ibw Capital Llc at Middle River, MD Aug19
54313 2011 US N443UB : Bell Nov11, test serial C-GFNO
BR PR-BFC : Brazil private; at Santos Dumont, Rio
54314 2011 CA C-GLZC : Bell Canada, to N445UB
US N445UB : Bell Nov11, to PR-YEN
BR PR-YEN : reg Nov12; pictured at Aeroporto Internacional de Salv+
54315 2012 BE OO-EMT : Jan Construct/HeliPlus, Belgium
54316 2011 US N459HA : Bell Dec11, test serial C-GLZH
CA C-GXED : 7719744 Canada Inc at Montreal, QC at Oct12-Jan18
US N699CF : Victor Bravo Llc at Wilmington, DE from Jan18
54317 2011 US N398MC : Bell Oct11, test serial C-GAJH
Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM Mar12
CL CC-AGJ : Sociedad Agricola El Porvenir SA, Chile
US N407JH : Sacramento Executive Helicopters Inc at Elk Grove, CA f+
54319 AE 2871 : UAE
54320 2011 US N432JS : private at Boise, ID Jan12
54321 2012 US N4581W : Bell, test serial C-FOFE
US N31PB : PBSO Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office Aug12-Dec16
US N31PB : Bell Jan/Dec 2017
US N31PB : Charleston County Sheriff Office from Jan18
54322 2012 CA C-GOFT : Bell Canada 407GX 05/27 Jan 2012, to USA as N4615B
US N4615B : Bell Jan12, reser N407GT
US N407GT : 407gt Bell from 30Jan12, conv to 407GT type
Jun13 at Paris LeBourget air show
07nov13 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
19Nov13 at Dubai air show
pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Santiago during FIDAE 2014
May/Jun 2014 demo flights in Jordan and Saudi Arabia
29-31oct14 on display at Expodefensa 2014 in Bogota, Co+
US N407GT : Battle Born Munitions Inc at Reno, NV from Apr15
pictured (pic3) on display at AAD 2016, Waterkloof AFB+
at Orlando International Airport, FL
Jan19 listed for sale still in camo livery. 414 total h+
54323 2012 CA C-GOGK : Bell Canada, test serial C-GLZC
US N461ZB : Bell Feb/Jul 2012
DE D-HAGK : Germany private from Jul12
54324 2012 US N407MM : Will-drill Aviation Llc at Shreveport, LA Sep13
54326 2012 US N13MX : Mdhl Llc at New Iberia, LA May12
54328 2012 US N630RB : Barrington Aviation Llc at Rocky Mount, NC Mar18
54330 2012 US N9AT : Bell Helicopter Feb12, test serial C-GLZK
US N9AT : Aero Tech Llc at Clovis, NM Mar12-Sep14
IBW Air Services at Baltimore, MD Sep14-Jul15
US N411UH : University Of Utah (U of U) AirMed from Jul15; Sep16 cu+
pictured on Metro Aviation booth at Heli-Expo 2020
54331 2012 US N356BP : Bell, test serial C-FOFE
US N136DM : DML Leasing Llc at Warsaw, IN Nov13-Jun17
Fliteworks Aviation Llc at Houston, TX from Jun17
54332 2012 US N407RR : private at Odessa, TX Jun12
54335 2012 US N401TD : Snackbar Aviation Llc at Westport, CT Sep12-Mar14; Snac+
Talli Acquisitions Llc at Concord, MA Apr/Oct 2017
US N401TD : Gotham Helicopters Llc at Linden, NJ Oct17; Helicopter +
Blade urban air mobility, op by Helicopter Flight Servi+
54336 2012 US N462RB : Bell Helicopter Mar12, test serial C-GLZW
US N410TD : Gotham Helicopters from Jul12; Helicopter Flight Servi+
struck a bird during tour, emergency landing at 30th S+
54337 2012 US N462KB : Bell Helicopter Sep12-Feb13, test serial C-FOFE
RP RP-C1718 : Air Juan 2013
01jun14 at Manila, Philippines
54338 2012 US N462VB : Bell Helicopters Oct/Nov 2012, test serial C-GADL
BR PR-GMC : Cr Assessoria Financeira e Participacoes Ltda, Brazil f+
54339 2012 CA C-GPOU : Bell Canada Apr/Jul 2012
US N467QB : Bell Helicopters, canc Sep12 ntu
ZA ZS-RLM : Kirkinis d/d Jul12; repl prev ZS-RLM
04jan14 Flying out of OR Tambo Johannesburgh
22apr16 flying over Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa
06may16 at Evander, Mpumalanga
54340 2012 UA UR-CLM : Challenge Aero d/d Dec12, test serial N466FH
at Kiev, Ukraine
54341 2012 US N413UH : Metro Aviation Inc at Shreveport, LA Sep16
54343 AE 2872 : UAE
54346 2012 US N468LH : Bell Jun12, test serial C-GFNM
VE YVO192 : Gobernación del Estado Bolívar, Venezuela; Servicio A+
54347 2012 US N970C : private at Victoria, TX Jul12
54348 US N468FB : Bell, test serial C-FOFG; to UAE (?)
US N288SF : Matrix Aviation at Fort Lauderdale, FL Apr/Aug 2013
VE YVO195 : Venezuela from 2013
54349 2012 US N468GB : Bell, test serial C-GAJH
QA - : Gulf Helicopter unk, to Turkey
TR TC-HCT : Turkey ALOHA, grey livery; at Istambul
IL 4X-BEO : Israel unk, red livery; at Tel Aviv
Dec19-Jan20 for sale Bell 407GX 2012 - 780 flight hours+
54350 2012 US N468JH : Bell Jul12, test serial C-GFNN
? : UAE unk
US N290SF : Wells Fargo Bank Trustee Dec12-Sep13
US N921SP : Georgia Department of Public Safety from Sep13; GSP
54351 2012 US N853JL : Bank Of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Feb18
54354 2012 CA C-GSPZ : Bell Canada 2012, test serial C-GFNM
US N470KT : Bell Helicopter, to N425FB
US N425FR : Bell Helicopter from Apr14; 23jun14 pictured (pic1) at +
29jul14 pictured (pic2) at Oshkosh 2014
US N742RM : Advanced Aviation Consultant Llc at Cheyenne, WY 22/29 +
GT TG-PES : Guatemala, reser 151
GT 151 : FAG from 2015
54355 2012 CA C-GSQB : Bell Canada Jul12, test serial C-GLZA
US N475YB : Bell Aug12
MX XA-CIC : Servicio Tecnico Aereo de Mexico (STAM) 2012-2019?
Apr/May 2019 for sale Bell 407GX 2012; 2,025 flight ho+
US N407RW : Sacremento Executive Helicopters Inc at Elk Grove, CA f+
54357 2012 US N857RP : Sarasota County Sheriffs Office at Sarasota, FL Oct18
54358 2012 US N476KB : Bell Aug/Dec 2012, test serial C-GLZK
CL CC-AGS : Chile private
54361 2012 US N407LT : Duke Energy Business Services Llc at Charlotte, NC Apr1+
54365 2012 US N407CE : Bell Helicopter from Oct12, ex N480VQ, test serial C-GF+
at Singpore airshow 2014
AU N407CE : Aug12 demo tour with Hawker Pacific
AU VH-YGX : Australia reg Jul14
exported to India Apr17
pictured (pic2) on display at 2015 International Airsh+
IN VT-TRA : India from 2017
54366 CN B-7475 : 2013, test serial N480ZB
54368 2012 US N479QB : Bell Oct12-Apr13, test serial C-GFNL
MY 9M-ITS : Systematic Aviation Services, Malaysia
54369 2012 US N982ST : Tvpx Ars Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT Dec17
54370 2012 US N481JJ : Bell Nov12/Mar13, test serial C-FEXW; to Argentina
AR LV-FNE : 08dec17 pictured at La Plata
54371 2012 US N720CL : Qwest Corp at Englewood, CO Dec12
54372 2012 US N406LS : Butterfly Aviation Llc at Healdsburg, CA Jan18
54373 2012 US N557FW : Silver Creek Aviation Services at Fort Worth, TX Jun13
54374 2012 US N662CV : Bell Nov12-Jul13, test serial C-GLZC
US N662CV : Silver Creek Aviation Services at Fort Worth, TX from J+
54375 2013 US N482BB : Buckeye Leasing at Shreveport, LA from Jul13; Tampa Gen+
US N922TG : Buckeye Leasing at Shreveport, LA from Oct13; TGH Tampa+
54376 2013 US N482AB : Buckeye Leasing at Shreveport, LA from Jul13; Tampa Ge+
US N933TG : Tampa General Hospital (TGH); Aeromed
54377 2012 US N482DB : Bell, test serial C-GBUH
US N944TG : Metro Aviation from Oct13
US N944TG : Tampa General Hospital (TGH) by Nov18, op by Metro Avia+
54378 2012 US N482XA : Bell Helicopter Nov12, test serial C-GFNL
MX XA-FME : Servicios Aereos Across, Toluca from Mar13
54379 2012 US N482CH : Bell Dec12, test serial C-GLYY
US N955TG : Metro Aviation Inc at Shreveport, LA Jul13
US N955TG : Tampa General Hospital (TGH) by 2014, op by Metro Aviat+
54380 2012 US N483CC : Africair Inc at Miami, FL May13-Jul14, test serial C-GA+
ZA ZS-RSH : South Africa from 2014
54381 2012 CA C-GUQY : Bell Canada Dec12-Jan13, test serial C-GFNN
US N485VH : Bell Jan13
AR LV-FTQ : Argentina; May15 video at Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe
pictured (pic1) at Autodromo Buenos Aires heliport
op by JASFLY SA pictured (pic2) at Helipuerto Dr Escud+
54383 2012 US N4831W : Bell Dec12, test serial C-GAHJ
US N894H : Hillcrest Aircraft Co Inc at Lewiston, ID from Apr13
54385 2013 CA C-GUUD : Bell Canada Mar13, test serial C-GADL
US N135AM : Bell Mar13
US N135AM : Air Methods from Jun13
US N135AM : StarCare at Lincoln, NE from 2014, op by Air Methods, p+
54386 2013 CA C-GUUA : Bell Canada Jan13, test serial C-GBUQ
US N487WC : Bell Jun13; Bell Helicopter Textron auxiliary fuel tank+
US N407SG : SLG Utah Llc at Toquerville, UT May14
US N407SE : Bell Dec16-Jul17
US N407SE : TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

El Borrego, Colombia
54387 US N485WH : Bell Helicopter, to Poland
PL SP-WKK : from Aug13
54388 2013 CA C-GUUO : Bell Canada Jan/Feb 2013
US N486UM : Bell Helicopter
US N115SF : Flipper Aviation at Alameda, CA from Jun13
San Francisco Helicopters; pictured at Phoenix Deer Va+
US N1155F : I rode this one at Commodore Center Airport, Sausalito+
54389 2013 US N407DE : Duke Energy Business Services Llc at Charlotte, NC Jul1+
54390 2013 CA C-GUVW : Bell Canada, test serial C-GBUK
US N492RB : Bell May13
BE OO-AMG : Belgium, noted Nov14
CZ OK-TAR : Bell Europe Mar17-Jan18
US N390BH : Bell Mar/Aug 2018
US N390BH : Air Methods from Aug18
54391 2013 US N344SB : Sjbraun Aero Llc at Zionsville, IN Sep13
54392 2013 CA C-GUVZ : Bell Canada, test serial C-GLZM
US N4895B : Bell Apr13
US N4895B : Air Methods from Nov13
54393 2013 CA C-GUXS : Bell Canada 2013, test serial C-GADL
US N798BH : Bell Aug/Oct 2013
US N416CF : Careflite from Nov13
18sep16 pictured on display in Fort Worth, Texas for th+
54394 2013 CA C-GVBJ : Bell Canada Feb/May 2013, test serial C-GFNQ
US N711BE : Bell May/Sep 2013
US N711BE : Guaranty Development Cot at Livingston, MT Oct13-Jun14
Flying Joseph Ranch Llc at May, ID Jul/Aug 2014
US N58436 : Montana Aerospace Inc at Missoula, MT Sep14-Nov17
Mar/Oct16 for sale Bell 407GX 2013
407BH Llc at Baltimore, MD Nov17-Jan18
Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX from Jan+
54397 AE 2886 : UAE
54398 2013 US N1MH : Little Agusta Llc at Dover, DE Sep13
54399 2013 US N399BH : Bell Mar/Sep 2013, test serial C-GAJN
US N96GU : MG Aviation at Santa Monica, LA from Sep13; replaced N3+
13jul15 pictured Harrison Ford flying again after March+
54400 2013 US N544BH : Bell Helicopter Mar13, test serial C-GFNO
US N544BH : Bank of Utah Trustee from Aug13
US N407MS : Bank of Utah Trustee from Mar14
12aug15 at Syracuse harbor, Sicily
54401 2013 US N487LB : Bell Mar/Aug 2013, test serial C-GLYY
CL CC-AJW : Inversiones Aereas Patagonia, Ltda
54402 2013 CA C-GVGX : Bell Canada Mar13-Sep14, test serial C-FEXW; N517WH ntu
US N407BZ : Bell Oct/Nov 2014
US N407BZ : BK Copter LLc at Eagle Point, OR from Nov14
Aug/Sep 2018 for sale Bell 407 2013 ; 280 hours; 280TT+
IBW Capital Llc at Middle River, MD Nov18-Mar19
US N407BZ : PHI Inc from Mar19
54404 2013 US N488UB : Bell Apr13, test serial C-GBUK
PL SP-WKM : Poland private
54405 2013 US N795RB : Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office (PBSO) at West Palm B+
US N1028S : St. Johns County Sheriff's Office at St. Augustine, FL+
54406 2013 US N488MB : Bell Helicopter Apr13-Feb14, test serial C-GLZM
US N301LE : LifeFlight Eagle from Apr14
22sep14 at AMTC 2014, Nashville, TN
54407 2013 CA C-GVOJ : Bell Canada, test serial C-FOFE
US N407ML : Bell May13
US N434AM : Air Methods from Nov13
54408 2013 CA C-GVPQ : Bell Canada, test serial C-GADQ
US N407LS : Bell May13
US N991MH : private at Tyler, TX from Oct13
54409 2013 US N407TG : Careflite from Aug13
US N417CF : Careflite, noted Dec13
pictured on display at Alliance Air Show 2016, Fort Wo+
54410 2013 CH HB-ZNW : Alpinlift Helikopter AG from Sep13
54414 2013 US N970CL : Qwest Corp at Denver, CO Feb14
54415 2013 CA C-GVUQ : Bell Canada May/Dec 2013
IN VT-NAL : Span Air from Jan14, to be confirmed
31oct14 operating at Ranchi, India.
54416 2013 US N418CF : Careflite at Grand Prairie, TX Dec13
54418 2013 US N4917B : Bell Helicopter, test serial C-GFNO
US N302LE : LifeFlight Eagle at Kansas City, MO from Jan14; 28mar14+
54422 AE 2884 : UAE
54423 AE 2885 : UAE
54426 2013 CA C-GWDU : Bell Canada Jun13
US N495WA : Bell Helicopter Jul13-Apr14
CZ OK-SGR : Bell Europe May14
CZ OK-SGR : King’s Casino Czech Rep from May14
pictured at FIA 2014
on display at Paris Air Show
19Aug15 cz Lipno nad Vltavou
54430 2013 CA C-GWUS : Bell Canada Jul/Aug 2013
US N496VB : Bell Bell Aug/Nov 2013
DO HI948 : Helidosa from Nov13
54432 2013 CA C-GWVM : Bell Canada Jul13, test serial C-GLZM
US N4951J : Bell Helicopter Aug13
US N419CF : Careflite from Dec13; 11dec14 pictured departing Harris+
54433 2013 CA C-GWUX : Bell Canada Jul/Aug 2013, test serial C-FOFE
US N394AM : Bell Aug/Oct 2013
US N408LN : Air Methods from Nov13
US N408LN : LifeNet, Inc, op by Air Methods; pictured
54435 2013 US N450AM : Bell Jul/Dec 2013, test serial C-GLZQ
US N450AM : Air Methods from Dec13
US N450AM : Black Hills Life Flight Dec17, op by Air Methods; pictu+
Black Hills Life Flight; 03aug18 early morning, a moto+
54437 2013 US N968GW : Grady White Boats Inc at Greenville, NC Feb14
54442 2013 CA C-GXNE : Bell Canada Sep13, test serial C-GLZK
US N497TB : Bell Sep13-Apr14
CL CC-ALU : Chile private from 2014
54443 2013 CA C-GXHZ : Bell Canada, test serial C-FOFE
US N498BB : Bell Mar14
BR PT-LRC : International Publicity Interpub Eventos Ltda

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