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    NEWS | Bell 407 in Classic Air Medical

    New Air Ambulance Base at Burley, Idaho

    Classic Air Medical and Intermountain Healthcare opening new helicopter air ambulance base at Cassia Regional Hospital in Burley, Idaho

    * In 2021, Classic Air completed approximately 7,000 flights with its fleet of 28 aircraft, including 16 rotary-wing and 12 fixed-wing units.


    New Air Ambulance Base at Burley, Idaho

    Intermountain Healthcare, February 15, 2022 - Classic Air Medical and Intermountain Healthcare are opening a new helicopter medical transport base on the Intermountain Cassia Regional Hospital campus in Burley, Idaho, to enhance medical transport services for area residents throughout Mini-Cassia, Idaho.

    Classic Air Medical will begin providing this critical care service in the summer of 2022, with a team of three caregivers on base, including a pilot, a critical care flight medic, and a critical care flight nurse. A mechanic will also be on campus.

    The flight team will be on duty around the clock to coordinate care seamlessly with Cassia Regional’s ground ambulance team as well as the emergency room staff to enhance critical care when needed.

    Classic Air Medical’s commitment is to serve communities with a focus on safety, expert-quality critical care, and the highest level of aviation services. This is done while maintaining affordable rates to patients. Classic Air Medical will continue to honor memberships and vouchers from the Life Flight Network and Air St. Luke’s.

    For over 30 years, Classic Air Medical, an Intermountain Healthcare company, has been providing air medical support from 22 bases across the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest, with coverage from New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

    In 2021, Classic Air completed approximately 7,000 flights with its fleet of 28 aircraft, including 16 rotary-wing and 12 fixed-wing units.

    Intermountain Healthcare acquired Classic Air Medical in 2021 to enhance the health system’s ability to serve rural communities throughout the Intermountain West. Classic Air Medical also operates Portneuf Air Rescue in Pocatello.

    “Providing excellent health care is a team sport that requires the expertise of many different players,” said Ben Smalley, administrator of Intermountain Cassia Regional Hospital. “Bringing the resources and expertise of Classic Air to the Mini-Cassia area will enhance our ability to provide patients with the highest quality care possible.”

    The COVID-19 pandemic has given Intermountain Healthcare caregivers additional experience in helping patients remain in their hometown hospitals for care through use of their expansive telehealth services.

    As caregivers at Intermountain Cassia Regional Hospital and its clinics use telehealth, they may determine that some high-acuity patients need more specialized care. That’s where having a Classic Air Medical base on campus will benefit patients, enabling easier and faster air transport for those patients to the nearest medical facilities that are best equipped to care for them.

    “We’re excited to join with Cassia Regional to continue to serve patients throughout the Mini-Cassia community to ensure they have access to high-value, coordinated care as close to home as possible,” said Tony Henderson, chief executive officer of Classic Air. “Joining with Intermountain Cassia Regional is complimentary to the outstanding care patients already receive there, and we will work seamlessly with the outreach services, telehealth and digital solutions developed by Intermountain to better serve patients.”

    “This will be a great service for residents of the Mini-Cassia area to ensure they continue to have access to high quality care and affordable care,” said Eric Liston, administrator of Intermountain Healthcare’s Telehealth, Connect Care, Outreach, and Life Flight Services.

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