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    NEWS | Aviazione dell'Esercito     Italian Army Aviation

    Italian Army Aviation CAEX 2018 Exercise

    The Italian Army completed the CAEX I 2018 exercise (Complex Aviation Exercise) at the training area of ​​Monte Romano


    Italian Army Aviation CAEX 2018 Exercise

    Esercito Italiano, May 24, 2018 - Yesterday, in the presence of the Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Salvatore Farina, the Army Aviation together with the infantry units participated in the CAEX I 2018 exercise (Complex Aviation Exercise).

    The activity, carried out in the training area of ​​Monte Romano and directed by the Commander of the Army Aviation Brigade General Paolo Riccò, has provided the opportunity to use all the equipment in an exercise to conduct an attack against insurgent groups

    In particular, the units have carried out several operations which started on Tuesday night with the air transport of a paratroops platoon to explorer the affected area. The following morning, more fast-rope paratroops secured the area where later a platoon was deployed for mortar fire support while two AH-129 Mangusta attack helicopters carried out SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense).

    At the same time, two infantry squads conducted an assault on two enemy positions while two platoons of Bersaglieri performed an air assault with NH90 in other targets.

    The action continued with an advanced medical evacuation simulation (Forward MedEvac) by specialized personnel and an exfiltration of personnel left isolated behing enemy lines. The helicopters used in the action were resupplied with by a CH-47 in a FARP (Forwad Arming and Refueling Point Operation) operation.

    The satisfaction expressed by the Army Chief of Staff at the end of the activity was reflected in the excellent planning and conduct of this exercise which saw the high and constant commitment of all staff. Therefore, the role that training plays in acquiring procedures and the importance of perfect synergy between all the components of the Armed Forces for the safe execution of any operational activity is vital.

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