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Cougar / Super Puma MK 2+ First Flight

The new MK2+ version of Cougar / Super Puma helicopter completed its maiden flight from the Eurocopter plant in Marignane

  • The new MK2+ version of Cougar / Super Puma helicopter completed its maiden flight from the Eurocopter plant in Marignane
  • The Cougar / Super Puma MK 2+ Version Flies for the First Time

Eurocopter, November 30, 2000 - Marignane, France - The new MK2+ version of the medium-lift (11-tonne category) twin engine, Cougar / Super Puma helicopter has just completed its maiden flight from the Eurocopter plant in Marignane.

Hervé Jammayrac, as X test pilot, Bernard Turcat, as test flight engineer and Daniel Sémioli, as test flight mechanic, crewed the helicopter.

The flight lasted approximately 50 minutes, during which the behavior of the helicopter and its systems within the planned flight envelope were confirmed.

The French Air Force plans to benefit from the very enhanced performance of this new version for its future Combat, Search and Rescue helicopters and has already placed orders for it. The chief differences between this version and the MK2 are that it has a new main rotor system, a reinforced main gearbox, a new power plant installation and a new integrated flight and display system.

The Cougar / Super Puma MK2+ will continue to use the Spheriflex main and tail rotor heads, whose technology and performance have been demonstrated and also offer lower maintenance costs. The five main rotor blades of the Cougar / Super Puma MK2+ benefit from a state-of-the- art airfoil design. They have a composite spar with parabolic blade tips with an anhedral profile. This 5-blade configuration ensures a particularly low vibration level for the helicopter. The main rotor system has a diameter of 16.2 meters. The rotors and the horizontal stabilizer can be fitted with a de-icing/anti- icing system to permit flying in severe icing conditions.

The main gearbox of the Cougar / Super Puma MK2+ is reinforced to allow for the higher power input from the engines and the increased helicopter gross weight. The casing and the gears are produced with modern materials and manufacturing processes that guarantee the high reliability of the components. The lubrication system includes a stand-by spray sub-system to comply with the new JAR 29 "30-minute run dry" requirements.

The Cougar / Super Puma MK2+ is equipped with two Turbomeca Makila 1A4 turboshaft engines. The use of a new airflow design and state-of-the-art materials means that the Makila 1A4 engines can produce 1800 kW (2448 ch – 2413 shp) in an emergency, i.e. 14% more than the previous version. A duplex Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system controls the engines. Each engine is a self-contained unit comprising all the systems, equipment and accessories required for its operation. The modular design of the engines facilitates the maintenance inspection operations.

The Cougar / Super Puma MK2+ is equipped with an Integrated Flight and Display System (IFDS) designed to reduce the pilot's workload in flying the helicopter (4-axis autopilot) with the presentation of flight data and management of the sub-systems. This integration enables both the pilot and the copilot to focus on the mission factors outside the aircraft, and thus means that they are more likely to succeed their mission.

The Flight Display System (FDS) includes four 6" x 8" liquid crystal multi-function displays (LCD) and two 4" x 5" liquid crystal displays for the aircraft parameters.

The MK2+ is available in both civil and military versions, and compared with their MK2 counterparts they offer substantially enhanced performance, especially as regards the payload.

In-flight refueling will be possible for military version to increase the helicopter's operating range. This system has already been successfully tested on a Cougar MK2.

The JAR 29 European Civil certification is scheduled for the end of 2002 and the military qualification for the French Air Force in 2003.

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