Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar
france Armée de l'Air

French Air Force

Del'd: 17 - 1991 to present

  • Armée de l'Air Super Puma/Cougar
  • Armée de l'Air Super Puma/CougarTesting EC725 Caracal loading in A400M transport

1980 for French Air Force Aerospatiale-built Super Pumas see here
1991 Eurocopter AS-532UL Cougar
2005 Eurocopter EC-725R2 Caracal
2016 EC225LP ex Navy

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APROC 2017, 28-Jun-17 : Italian air force held the Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course (APROC), the main training event in Europe in combat search and rescue.

Héli-Union Opens a New Branch in Pau, 10-Apr-17 : Opening May 2017 at Pau Airport will provide regular inspection of helicopters Cougar and Super Puma (AS332/AS532) of the French Armed Forces

French Air Force H225M Air Refueling, 27-Apr-16 : In-flight refueling of the French Air Force EC725 / H225M Caracal helicopter

Operation Barkhane: First Air Refueling of Helicopters, 05-Nov-15 : A French Caracal helicopter, using an U.S. C-130 Hercules, made for the first time an aerial refueling during Operation Barkhane in Africa.

Sagem To Upgrade French Helicopters Optronic Systems, 16-Jun-15 : Paris Air Show 2015 Sagem will upgrade Euroflir 350 optronic systems on the French army s Cougar helicopters, and the Caracal fleet deployed by France s special and conventional forces.

Cougar / Super Puma MK 2+ First Flight, 30-Nov-00 : The new MK2+ version of Cougar / Super Puma helicopter completed its maiden flight from the Eurocopter plant in Marignane

Cougar Completed In-Flight Refueling Tests, 15-Nov-00 : French Air Force Cougar Mk2 in combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) version completed aerial refueling tests from a KC-130 Hercules in October 2000

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2012/    EH 1/44 Solenzara (BA126)
2006/    EH01.067 Cazaux (BA120)
1992/    GAM00.056 Evreux Fauville (BA105)
??/12ETOM 82PF Tahiti-Faa'a (BA190)

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2342 as532ul 1991     2342: AdlA; 2006 GAM00.056./FX; 2007 GAM00.056./FX
    2369 as532ul 1992     2369: AdlA; 2006 GAM00.056./FW ; 2007 GAM00.056./FW
    2375 as532ul 1992     2375: 2007 GAM00.056 /FV
    2377 as332m1     2377: AdlA /FU, conv AS332L1
    2461 as532ul 1998     2461: from Sep09 /SA; 14jul10 EH01.067./SA pictured (top) at parad+
Eurocopter France F-ZKDA: Eurocopter France, to AdlA
    2549 ec725r2     2549: AdlA in 2010 /SB; F-ZWBC
    2552 ec725r2     2552: AdlA; 2009 EH01.067./SE
Eurocopter France F-ZKDT: Eurocopter; 5jun05 Istres air show
    2555 ec725r2     2555: AdlA; 2009 EH01.067/SF
    2619 ec725r2     2619: AdlA; 15mar07 pictured as 2619/SC with EH01.067 in Afghanist+
    2626 ec725r2     2626: AdlA; 2009 pictured as 2626/SD with eh01.067 in Afghanistan
    2741 ec225lp     2741: AdlA GAM00.056 from 30jun16
Eurocopter France F-WJXJ: Eurocopter test serial

French Navy 2741: Aeronavale

May 2012 visit to Oxford / Kidlington for participation+
    2752 ec225lp 2010     2752: AdlA GAM00.056 from 30jun16
Eurocopter France F-GTDX: Eurocopter France 2010

French Navy 2752: Aeronavale

27apr10 asg 32F at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval airbase

17jul10 pictured (pic1) at Lanvéoc-Poulmic

Jul11 on a rescue mission to the Boudicc ship

16sep12 pictured (pic2) and (pic3) at Lann Bihoué Nava+
    2770 ec725r2     2770: AdlA F-UGSG; 2011 GAM00.056 /SG
    2772 ec725r2     2772: AdlA F-UGSH; 2013 GAM00.056 /SH
    2778 ec725r2     2778: AdlA, test serial F-ZWDA
Eurocopter France F-ZWDA: Eurocopter France
    2789 ec725r2 2013     2789: 14jul13 EH01.067./SJ flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2013
    2802 ec725r2     2802: 02jun13 pictured (pic1) as EH01.067 /SK during Grande Manife+
    2626 ec725r2     ?: Bottom: pictured as 330-SD probably same aircraft
    2461 as532ul 1998     F-ZKDA: ec725r2 conv to EC725R2 Caracal
Eurocopter France F-ZKDA: Eurocopter France, to AdlA

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