france Groupe Aerien Mixte 56

Armée de l'Air

GAM00.056 : Composite Air Group 56 Vaucluse
French Air Force

1967 to present    

GAM 56 flew a mix of aircraft (C-160, C-130, Super Puma, etc) to support the DGSE (Service Action de la Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure)

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News of Groupe Aerien Mixte 56

EC225LP Tranferred to French Air Force, 11-Jul-16 : Recently disestablished 2 EC225LP SAR helicopters of the French Navy were transferred to the Air Force in a process that also includes recepcion of the Army s EC725 and withdrawal of last AS332B/L


1967/    Evreux Fauville (BA105)LFOE


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2016/    EC225LP
1992/    Super Puma/Cougar
1972/    SA330 Puma
1968/73S-58 H-34

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for GAM00.056
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2342 as532ul 1991 2342 : AdlA; 2006 GAM00.056./FX; 2007 GAM00.056./FX
: 1apr08 GAM00.056./FX visit Schiphol
2369 as532ul 1992 2369 : AdlA; 2006 GAM00.056./FW ; 2007 GAM00.056./FW
2375 as532ul 1992 2375 : 2007 GAM00.056 /FV
2741 ec225lp 2741 : AdlA GAM00.056 from 30jun16
Eurocopter France F-WJXJ : Eurocopter test serial
French Navy 2741 : Aeronavale
: May 2012 visit to Oxford / Kidlington for participation in AirMed and Res+
2752 ec225lp 2010 2752 : AdlA GAM00.056 from 30jun16
Eurocopter France F-GTDX : Eurocopter France 2010
French Navy 2752 : Aeronavale
: 27apr10 asg 32F at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval airbase
: 17jul10 pictured (pic1) at Lanvéoc-Poulmic
: Jul11 on a rescue mission to the Boudicc ship
: 16sep12 pictured (pic2) and (pic3) at Lann Bihoué Naval airbase open day +
2770 ec725r2 2770 : AdlA F-UGSG; 2011 GAM00.056 /SG
2772 ec725r2 2772 : AdlA F-UGSH; 2013 GAM00.056 /SH

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