france Escadron d'Helicopteres 01.067

Armée de l'Air

EH01.067 : Helicopters Squadron 01.067 Pyrenees
French Air Force

1975 to present    

Escadron d'Helicopteres 01.067 Armée de l'Air

Escadron d'Helicopteres 01.067
1/67 provides helicopter support to the French Special Forces. Traces its origin to the end of the Algerian War with the creation of the 22nd Helicopter Wing. One of their units, the 3/22 was established at Pau. In 1968 split into 1/68 at Pau as the Pyrenees and 2/68 at Chambery. In 1972 with the closure of BA120 at Pau, 1/68 moved to Cazaux and in 1975 became EH 01.067 Pyrenees.

Whilst the main mission of the Pyrenees remains Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), the squadron have completed deployments to Bosnia, Albania, Congo, Afghanistan and Mali. They usually embark a detachment on Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

As of 2017, the remaining SA330 Puma are being transferred to the EH 01.044 at Solenzara.

On January 31, 2018 achieved Full Operational Capability (FOC) in aerial refueling from KC-130 Hercules tankers. The only French Air Force helicopter squadron having this capability.
During 2015, of the units 5 Super Puma fitted with the M621 20mm gun (known as Puma Pirate), 2 remain at Cazaux, while 3 have been deployed to the Sahel.

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News of Escadron d'Helicopteres 01.067

Exercise Dark Dune 2020, 27-Feb-20 : #DarkDune French Air Force performed helicopter aerial refueling from Hercules Tanker aircraft during Dark Dune 2020

Additional Caracal for French Special Forces, 14-Jun-19 : #Caracal The Armée de l’air ordered an additional H225M Caracal for its elite Helicopters Squadron 01.067 Pyrénées based at Cazaux (BA120). Will join a fleet of 10 EC725 used to support special forces and capable of aerial refueling

Spanish Tanker Refueled French Caracal, 21-Oct-18 : #refueling A Spanish air force KC-130 tanker deployed to Istres in France to performed an aerial refueling exercise with a French EC725 Caracal helicopter

Exercise Dark Dune 2017-II, 08-Dec-17 : French Air Force Caracal pilots completed air refueling qualifications with USAF MC-130J at Cazaux in a new edition of the Dark Dune exercise

EC225LP Tranferred to French Air Force, 11-Jul-16 : Recently disestablished 2 EC225LP SAR helicopters of the French Navy were transferred to the Air Force in a process that also includes recepcion of the Army s EC725 and withdrawal of last AS332B/L

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2014/??TD N'DjamenaFTTJ
1975/    Cazaux (BA120)LFBC


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2006/    Super Puma/Cougar
1975/17SA330 Puma


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