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EC130 T2 European Demo Tour

EC130 T2 Demo Tour: A Stop in Northern Italy

Eurocopter, October 08, 2012 - by Erin Callender - On Thursday, October 4, the EC130 T2 was on static display, alongside two Eurocopter EC120 B Colibris, on the tarmac of Helicopters Italia (Aersud Group) at the Gianni Caproni airport in Trento, Italy.

Some 124 customers showed up for the event, organized by Aersud, Eurocopter's Italian distributer. They received two formal presentations, followed by a Q&A session, before watching or participating in 9 flights in the EC130 T2 during the day.

Fifty-five people, including nine who had the opportunity to take the controls as co-pilot, were able to discover the aircraft up close and personal and discover its flight characteristics, its comfort as well as its high performance.

At the end of the day, the EC130 T2 flew to Val Gardena in less than 30 minutes in order to get ready for the aerial work demonstrations awaiting it the following day.

Scene of the show: the Panider Sattel hotel, where customers again received presentations and a flight demonstration of the EC130 T2. A large well-kept field next to the hotel was turned into the tarmac of the day and provided the perfect setting to show off the sling capabilities of this aircraft during aerial work demonstrations.

The presentations of the day prove to be a bit less formal than in Trento, as this final stop in Italy has brought together seasoned specialists of aerial work and passenger transportation, the two principal markets for which the EC130 T2 is a perfect mission solution.

Val Gardena is located in the Dolomites region, a high-altitude mountain range where helicopters are the king of difficult transportation missions but also allow passengers to fully take advantage of the breathtaking skyline and countryside.

The EC130 T2 flew 4hours and 15 minutes during this day, alternating between sight seeing tours (where 10 minutes was more than enough to take in the magic scenery) and aerial work demonstrations carrying loads of up to 700 kg (1, 400 lbs).

In addition, 52 customers participated in 9 total flights, and 13 pilots specialized in lifting operations took control of the EC130 T2 to test out its new engine.

After a well-deserved day of rest, the aircraft and its team (pilot O.Gensse, engineer E.Kreutzer and mechanic P.Mula ) took to the skies again, continuing on the demo tour in Venice, Amsterdam, Sweden and Norway.

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