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EC725 and Tiger at Poland MSPO

Airbus Helicopters will showcase the modern and combat-proven EC725 Caracal and EC665 Tiger HAD in Poland

  • EC665 Tiger Debuts In Poland Alongside EC725 At MSPO
  • EC665 Tiger Debuts In Poland Alongside EC725 At MSPO

Airbus Helicopters, August 29, 2014 - Kielce, Poland – Airbus Group and its Divisions will showcase its portfolio of advanced helicopter, defence and security products at the 22nd MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition, from 1 to 4 September in Kielce, Poland.

The Group will have a major presence incorporating a static display for real helicopters, a hospitality area, meeting rooms and a large stand to display equipment and welcome government delegations. The Airbus Group stand area will feature a number of important mock-ups including the new locally developed PZL 130 Orlik multi-purpose trainer aircraft, the A330 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) refuelling aircraft and the maritime patrol variant of the C295 multi-mission transport aircraft.

“Our presence at MSPO demonstrates the importance we attach to Poland and its defence and security modernisation programme. We believe Poland is more than a market to trade with; this is a nation taking its place at the heart of Europe with strategic ambitions to match. Airbus Group wants to be Poland’s industrial partner of choice, and building on our existing strong roots, we are offering advanced technology and long-term collaboration for mutual benefit,” said Marwan Lahoud, Airbus Group Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer.

Marking its premier appearance in Poland, the EC665 Tiger HAD attack helicopter will join the multi-mission EC725 Caracal on display at MSPO. With a proven combat mission record, including side-by-side deployments with the French Army in Afghanistan, Libya and Mali under extreme and challenging conditions, the two aircraft have already demonstrated their unique performance, reliability and interoperability.

“With two modern, combat proven and interoperable rotorcraft, Airbus Helicopters is able to offer a comprehensive solution to meet the full needs of the Polish Armed Forces,” said Airbus Helicopters President Guillaume Faury. “We are ready to ramp-up our existing cooperation with Poland’s aerospace industry and research institutions in order to provide a consistent, sustainable and structured end-to-end industrial capacity.”

Airbus Helicopters’ NATO-interoperable EC725 Caracal is proposed for Poland’s acquisition of new multi-role helicopters, with the rotorcraft able to perform a wide range of missions. These missions range from special operations to combat search and rescue, tactical transport and medical evacuation as well as a full range of maritime roles. One type of helicopter thus enables Poland to autonomously defend its territory and deploy its forces wherever and whenever needed. Since its entry into operational service in 2005, the EC725 Caracal has been operational with the military forces of France, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and in the near future several other undisclosed nations. Its reliability and durability have been endorsed in crisis areas that include Lebanon, Afghanistan and Mali, while also supporting France’s role during NATO-led operations in Libya.

Visit Airbus Group at MSPO at the Airbus Group Stand in Hall F - Booth F-17. The Airbus Helicopters static display is located in row ZF-7.

Airbus Group in Poland

Airbus Group has been partnered with the Polish aerospace industry for nearly two decades. As of today, more than ten Polish companies are involved in the direct Airbus supply chain, in addition to multiple indirect suppliers. Sourcing from Poland amounts to € 174 million, including aerostructures, systems and services. The Group employs a local workforce of 850 highly-skilled employees.

With 54 rotorcraft in operation in Poland, Airbus Helicopters is currently leading the market among western rotorcraft manufacturers, in addition to providing comprehensive maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services to the country’s fleet. Following the delivery of 23 EC135s to the Polish HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) unit Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe, the fleet has logged 31,180 flight hours and contributed to saving 27,000 lives). Airbus Helicopters is also the only company to have successfully performed an important training transition programme from Soviet-era helicopters to a modern fleet.

PZL Warszawa Okęcie – a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space – manufactures the multi-purpose trainer aircraft PZL 130 “Orlik”. Its activities further encompass manufacturing of aerostructures for the CASA C295 and C235 aircraft, as well as maintenance services and a design office.

Today, 49 aircraft from the Airbus Defence and Space portfolio are in operation in the country, performing a variety of tasks such as airborne surveillance, firefighting and humanitarian assistance. Services range from pilot and flight crew training to aircraft MRO.

Airbus Group’s partnership with Poland is also shaped by a strong commitment to local research and technology efforts. The Group has worked with Polish researchers on more than 50 very successful cutting-edge research projects in the fields of materials, aerodynamics, systems and novel aircraft configurations. In 2014 Airbus Group actively supported the European Union’s CleanSky2 project public information day in Warsaw and strongly encouraged Polish companies and universities to participate in this multi-billion euro project.

Through a joint venture with the Space Research Centre at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Airbus Defence and Space carries out research and development work in the satellite and space technologies segment.

Building on its existing roots, the Airbus Group is now preparing a large scale research and technology programme for Poland with the aim of strengthening the links between Polish industry, Polish academic institutions and the Airbus Group’s main Western European research partners. The intention is to launch this new programme at the beginning of 2015.

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