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Ecocopter Celebrates 20th Anniversary in South America

Chilean company Ecocopter celebrates its 20th Anniversary consolidating its helicopter operations In South America

Since its founding in 2003, Ecocopter has established itself as a benchmark company in the aeronautical sector and with its 22 aircraft has one of the most modern, innovative and safe helicopter fleets in the Southern Cone of America with branches in Chile, Ecuador and Peru

Ecocopter Celebrates 20th Anniversary in South America
Ecocopter, November 18, 2023 - Santiago de Chile - In two decades of history, Ecocopter has a recognized trajectory and international reputation where it has become a strategic ally, both for its customers, suppliers, communities and different stakeholders, providing comprehensive services, providing value, safety and efficiency in the activity of highly complex aerial services, especially to key sectors such as Mining, Energy, Telecommunications, Forest Fire Fighting, State Agencies, Oil & Gas, among others.

But that's not all, the world of entertainment and extreme sports are also part of the aerial adventure. The Chilean firm collaborated, for example, with the filming of one of the James Bond movies in northern Chile and Fury of Titans in the Torres del Paine. It has also participated in several documentaries and important sporting events such as the 10 years of the Dakar in the region, and the development of Heliskiing through the winter resorts of Santiago and Chilean Patagonia.

Armando Weinberger, General Manager of Ecocopter Chile said "Ecocopter has been built with the passion of flying and the dedication of teamwork that has contributed to the maximum safety and excellence in our aerial operations, where we also seek sustainability. We must remember that no activity is done alone, at the heart of Ecocopter are our employees, suppliers, customers, authorities and communities. Although helicopters are essential in an aeronautical company, it is the people and the human talent that truly make the difference"

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Ecocopter held an event at its hangar located at the Eulogio Sánchez aerodrome in Santiago, with the participation of employees, customers and strategic partners of the company. The event highlighted the most relevant milestones of its aeronautical history since its foundation in 2003, which started with the first Airbus EC130 B4 in South America. A year later, the first commercial and mining operations began, and in 2008, the company already had seven helicopters, all from the Airbus family.

Francisco Diaz, Ecocopter's Operations Manager emphasizes that selfless aid to various disaster areas has also been a goal over the years. "In the earthquake in Chile in 2010, and in the Atacama floods in 2015, the company deployed its aircraft to ground zero to support isolated communities and provide support to emergency missions. In addition to this, since 2012 it started operations in Forest Fire Fighting, where it has incorporated Aircrane, BlackHawk and SuperPuma helicopters during the last few seasons to deal with fires"

In 2014 they started offshore operations and aeromedical transfers. In 2016 they created new lines of business with Ecodrones and Ecotraining. With the latter, dozens of pilots and mechanics have been trained in Airbus helicopters and are working on various missions in Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

Already in 2018 they started operations with the first Airbus H145 in Chile and a year later they start operating in Ecuador. In 2022 they deepen their business in the world of tourism through a B2C model called eCopter, likewise, they began to offer innovation to the energy sector with the activities of washing insulators of high voltage pylons by helicopter.

Green and Sustainable Operation

In terms of sustainability, since last year, the company began to offset 100% of the carbon footprint of its fleet, and has also joined the "Clean Flight" program, in which Chile's main airlines also participate, and has also created a unique program to protect the environment called "Guardians of the Mountain". Different non-profit organizations are invited to participate in activities related to the protection of the mountain. All of this is aimed at achieving green and sustainable operations in the medium term.

Eduardo Ergas, Chairman of the Board of Ecocopter said "At Ecocopter, we are proud of our history and our first class team, committed to safety, excellence, responsibility and sustainability. We thank all our collaborators, customers, suppliers, authorities and partners who, in short, are our strategic partners for their trust and permanent support. Because our helicopters are not only machines that fly, they are an engineering marvel that saves lives, rescues people, fights fires, prevents the destruction of forests and jungles, models river courses, contributes to the conservation of endangered animals, saves crops and creates heritage. This is how we have reached where we are today, taking to the skies from this corner of the world"

About Ecocopter : A company that meets the need to provide efficient and fast aerial solutions to solve the most diverse situations, providing highly complex helicopter services in passenger transport, cargo, off-shore, forest fire fighting and aeromedical transfers in Chile, Ecuador and Peru, among other services. In addition, Ecocopter has one of the most modern fleets in the Southern Cone, has its own Maintenance Center (CMA) and an Engine Workshop (Safran Turbomeca), a category 5+ flight simulator, which allows to have the equipment available for a quick response to the demands of the operation.

Ecocopter Celebrates 20th Anniversary in South America

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