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Erickson Wins Heavy Lift Contract in Peru, 05-Apr-16 : Erickson S-64E Aircrane has been selected for the transport and precision placement of oil and gas equipment by helicopter over the Amazon region in Peru.

Erickson Extends Repsol Peru Contract, 10-Nov-15 : Erickson announce a two-year service contract extension between Repsol Exploracion Peru and Ecocopter Peru for air cargo transportation by S-64 helicopter.

Erickson awarded new contract with Hunt Oil Peru, 14-Mar-14 : PORTLAND, Ore. - Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated, a leading global provider of aviation services to a diverse mix of commercial and government customers, and the vertically-integrated manufacturer and operator of the powerful heavy-lift Erickson S-64 Aircrane helicopter, announced today that it had signed a new contract with Hunt Oil Exploration and Production Company of Peru, L.L.C., Sucursal de Peru.

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CH-54B Tarhe 64-081 1969OB-1996-P : Ecocopter Peru, lsd
CH-54B Tarhe 64-097 1970OB-2035-P : Ecocopter Peru, lsd
214ST 28200 1991OB-2082-P : Ecocopter Peru ?, lsd
CH-54B Tarhe 64-076 1969OB-2100-P : Helicopter Transport Services del Peru, lsd; arrived to Santiago ...
: pictured (pic2) (pic3) in a day visit to Mendoza, Argentina

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