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Eurocopter 2000 Results

In 2000 Eurocopter enjoyed a second year of exceptional orders (thanks the NH90 and Tiger) for 531 new helicopters

Eurocopter, January 23, 2001 - Marignane, France - In 2000, the Eurocopter Group enjoyed a second year of exceptional orders (effect of the NH 90, after the Tiger in 1999) for 531 new helicopters. The breakdown of the orders is as follows:

- 61 EC 120 B Colibris,
- 137 single-engine Ecureuil/Fennecs,
- 13 twin-engine Ecureuil/Fennecs,
- 40 EC 135s,
- 7 BK 117s,
- 18 Dauphin/Panthers,
- 7 EC 155 Bs,
- 5 Super Puma/EC 225s - Cougars/EC 725s and
- 243 NH 90s.

Taken together, these orders are worth 4,983 million . This amount includes the new helicopters (plus 45 pre-owned helicopters sold by Eurocopter and its subsidiaries), the R& D activities, the services provided to customers and miscellaneous items. In terms of value, the civil and parapublic sector accounts for 21% and the military sector for 79%.

The consolidated orders for production helicopters amount to 3,450 million , with 2,808 million for the NH 90 alone.
The main contracts signed in 2000 covered the following:

- 243 NH 90s (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands),
- 2 EC 725s (France),
- 6 EC 155s (Nigeria),
- 15 EC 135s (United Kingdom),
- 11 EC 135s (Austria),
- 6 AS 550 C3 Fennecs and 13 AS 350 B3 Ecureuils (United Arab Emirates),
- 2 AS 565 Panthers and 1 AS 365 N3 Dauphin (United Arab Emirates).

Thanks in particular to the Tiger and NH 90 contracts, the order book of Eurocopter is well-filled for the next ten years.

Eurocopter maintained its share of the market compared to 1999
Civil and Parapublic

The upturn that marked 1998 and 1999 was sustained in 2000: close to 500 helicopters were delivered in 2000 compared to 477 in 1999. This is due to the very buoyant context existing in Europe (145 helicopters delivered in 2000 compared to 124 in 1999), as well as in North America (170 deliveries in 2000).

In Asia, the market has remained stable and, in Latin America, it is showing signs of slight expansion. Eurocopter has consolidated its leading position in the market as a result of its modernized product line. The Group has captured about half the worldwide market and is in the No. 1 position, well ahead of Bell.


The worldwide military market recorded an upsurge with 419 helicopter orders, plus another 103 machines from yearly government orders.

The total number of helicopter orders in the military market is therefore 522 (or 279 without the NH 90 orders).

It should be noted that, after the large number of orders placed in 1998, a new type of market has emerged with the focus on combat helicopter programs and on the renewal of obsolete/ageing fleets (Nordic countries (NSHP), Canada (MHP), Australia (AIR 87), etc.).

In keeping with the philosophy of creating EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company), Eurocopter has undergone a structural change and become a ‘Simplified Limited Liability’ company with a single President. These changes have prompted a reorganization of the parent company and of its subsidiaries.

A new company, known as HELISIM, has been set up in cooperation with THALES. In late 2001, HELISIM will start offering flight crew training courses on its full flight simulators for the Dauphin/Panther/EC 155 and the Super Puma/Cougar – EC 225/EC 725.
A partnership contract covering helicopter maintenance has also been signed with THALES Avionics.

A contract was signed with NAHEMA for the launch of the NH 90 industrialization and for a production order.

The EC 725 (Cougar MK2+) made its first flight and successfully completed its qualification tests for inflight refueling.

The HAP version of the Tiger completed its weapon systems qualification, and the first pre-production version (PS1) made its first flight.

The 100th EC 120 B Colibri was delivered to a private German buyer and the 1st “training” version to the Spanish Air Force.
The 1st EC 135 and the 1st CH 53 GS (upgraded) were delivered to the German Army, and the 1st AS 532 AL Cougar to the Turkish Army (2nd block).

CAPE (Concept Asia Pacific Eurocopter) was formed to group together the five subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific region so they could set up a common logistics platform.
Eurocopter Espãna was created.

An MoU was signed with IAR-Brasov to pave the way for the founding of Eurocopter Romania in 2001.

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