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European Helicopter Day

French Union for Helicopters announced the first edition of European Helicopter Day next June 30. All those related to the helicopter industry in Europe are encouraged to organize events in their areas

European Helicopter Day
French Union for Helicopters, June 21, 2019 - The first edition of European Helicopter Day will take place on June 30 with the aim of introducing the European general public to rotorcraft flight through various events including visits, presentations and helicopter demo flights.

All members of the European helicopter industry – flying schools, flight clubs, helicopter manufacturers, civil and military operators, etc. – are encouraged to participate in this celebration by organizing helicopter events in their areas. Information concerning the procedure to follow can be found on the website: https://www.journee-helicoptere.fr/contact?lang=en.

If you want to find out about the activities and events being organized near you on this special day, please find the details on this website: www.helicopterday.eu

5,000 helicopters operating in Europe

There are about 5,000 helicopters currently operating in Europe, performing a wide range of missions in the civil and parapublic domains. While some operations such as search-and-rescue at sea or in the mountains as well as emergency medical transport are well known to the public, many would be surprised by the variety of missions assigned to helicopters. Examples are the maintenance of power lines and wind farms, firefighting, the transport of personnel to oil platforms offshore, the road traffic surveillance, the broadcasting of major events, etc.

European helicopter manufacturers and their civil and military operators are recognized worldwide for their knowledge and expertise. Meet them on this special day and find out about the wide range of important operations that are carried out by helicopters every single day.

European Helicopter Day

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