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    NEWS | Ansat in Russian Helicopters

    Ansat Maintenance Center in Mexico in 2020

    Craft Avia Center and Russian Helicopters to open a technical maintenance center for Ansat civilian helicopters in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2020 as first announced in 2017. Russia to showcase +200 products at FAMEX 2019, Santa Lucia, April 24-27


    Ansat Maintenance Center in Mexico in 2020

    Rostec, April 26, 2019 - The Mexican company Craft Avia Center, in cooperation with Russian Helicopters holding company, part of Rostec State Corporation, is planning to open a technical maintenance center for Ansat type civilian helicopters in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

    “The creation of a maintenance center for Ansat type helicopters in the Mexican city of Guadalajara is in active stage. The project is being implemented by Craft Avia Center in close cooperation with Russian Helicopters. The center will start its operation in 2020,” said the deputy director general for aftersales services of Russian Helicopters, Igor Chechikov.

    Representatives of the holding held corresponding negotiations with their Mexican partners during the third international aerospace show FAMEX 2019, held in the Santa Lucia air base close to Mexico’s capital.

    With the support of Russian Helicopters, the center will be equipped with the required documentation and technology. Training of Mexican technical service engineers is also planned. The first Ansat helicopter will be delivered to Mexico for Craft Avia Center in 2019.

    “We have long and successful relations of cooperation in the field of helicopter construction with our Mexican partners,” said Viktor Kladov, director for international cooperation and regional policy of Rostec. “Around 50 Russian-made Mi-17 type helicopters are successfully operated here. Rostec is focused on both strengthening our cooperation with Mexico and developing long-term relations with the whole region of Latin America. Creating the maintenance center for Russian Ansat helicopter is a significant step forwards in this path.”

    Kladov added: “I’m confident that the maintenance center will both strengthen and expand our cooperation in the field of aviation, as well as make the light Ansat helicopter more attractive to potential customers in both Mexico and Latin America in general.”

    During 2014-2015, Russian Helicopters conducted successful overhauls of 19 helicopters operated by the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense. Currently the company is providing comprehensive after-sales support maintaining the whole fleet of Mi-17 helicopters operated in the territory of Mexico.

    The light multi-purpose helicopter Ansat, which has the largest cabin within its class, is actively used by the Russian air medical services. This twin-engine helicopter has compact size and does not require a large landing area. It can also be used for normal passenger and VIP transport, cargo delivery and environmental monitoring. Ansat has been successfully tested for high-altitude operations, confirming that it can be used in mountainous areas with altitudes up to 3,500 meters (11,480 feet).

    More than 200 Russian Military Products at FAMEX

    Rosoboronexport, a member of Rostec, is setting up a joint Russian exposition at the Mexico Aerospace Fair FAMEX-2019 to take place at AFB 1 in Santa Lucia, Mexico, on April 24-27.

    “Rosoboronexport takes consistent steps to strengthen its positions in Latin America. Here people are well aware of and appreciate Russian aviation, helicopter and automotive equipment for outstanding performance and reliability. We are going to keep cooperating with Latin American countries to the extent of suppling the whole range of military products, including modern Russian weapons, advanced drones, AD platforms and ammunition among them. In a number of states in the region we already demonstrated our expertise in construction of aftersales infrastructure to maintain supplied equipment and train personnel. We are open to any opportunity in the area,” said Director General Alexander Mikheev of Rosoboronexport.

    FAMEX has been conducted under auspices of Mexico’s Ministry of National Defense since 2015. This year will see Rosoboronexport for the second time at the event.

    The joint expo will include the booths of Rosoboronexport (No. 121 in Hall C) and Russian Helicopters (No. 118 in Hall D) displaying over 200 pieces of military equipment.Additionally, a delegation of the Irkut Corp. will demonstrate its products.

    Rosoboronexport believes that the most promising future faces the Yak-130 combat-trainer and MiG-29M multirole frontline fighter. Other platforms that have everything there is to pique the interest of foreign customers are the Mi-17V-5 and Mi-171Sh military transport helicopters, Mi-35M attack helicopter with troop-carrying capacity, Mi-28NE and Ka-52 gunships, as well as Ka-226T light multipurpose helicopter.

    There is definite export potential in the Orlan-E, Orlan-10E, and Takhion unmanned aircraft systems, as well as AD systems, namely Pantsir-S1 gun-missile system, Viking and Buk-M2E SAMs, and Verba and Igla-S MANPADS.

    Besides, the interest in military assets and gear for agencies fighting crime, terrorism and drug mafia is very much alive in the region. Thus, Rosoboronexport expects the BTR-80A/82A personnel carrier, assorted small arms and grenade launchers, Tigr-M and Typhoon vehicles, which have already gained popularity in the region, to gather crowds of regional specialists as well.

    FAMEX 2019 will also see various Russian Comprehensive Security solutions suitable for large sports and cultural events, aerial and off-shore regulation, control of large municipalities, administrative entities and facilities.

    The multi-purpose helicopter Mi-17-1V is one of the modifications of the Mi-17 type, designed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, a subsidiary of the Russian Helicopters holding company. Good performance characteristics, ease of operation and reliability have made these helicopters popular throughout the world. Mi-17-1V has a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour) and maximum flight range of over 600 kilometers (370 miles). It can carry up to 37 paratroopers. The civilian variant is widely used for cargo and passenger transport, firefighting and rescue operations.

    The international aerospace show FAMEX takes place in Mexico once every two years.

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