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Omni Guyana Selects First Ab-Initio Pilots for Training

Omni Helicopters Guyana (OHGI ), the main offshore services provider in the country, selects its first ab-initio pilots to begin training

Chosen from a pool of nearly 20 candidates, two Guyanese citizens are now set to undergo comprehensive training over the next 16 months at specialist flight training schools as their first step towards becoming helicopter pilots

Omni Guyana Selects First Ab-Initio Pilots for Training
OMNI, June 10, 2024 - Georgetown, Guyana - Omni Helicopters, Guyana’s leading air mobility solutions provider for the offshore sector is pleased to announce that, after an intensive process, it has selected its first two talented Guyanese citizens to participate in its Ab-initio flight program.

Chosen from a competitive pool of nearly 20 candidates, Somant Heeralal and Yadram Ramcharran were standouts and are now set to undergo comprehensive training over the next 16 months at specialist flight training schools. This training will be the first step in their journey towards becoming the first Guyanese pilots at OHGI.

The thorough selection process included a series of pilot aptitude tests, psychological tests, medical tests, and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). Their selection underscores OHGI’s commitment to fostering Guyanese talent and providing opportunities for aspiring pilots from diverse backgrounds.

Somant Heeralall, who initially pursued a medical degree at Texila American University Guyana and worked at Georgetown Public Hospital, joined Omni Helicopters in November 2023. He was one of six selected individuals for specialized training, encompassing both Search & Rescue Swimming and Aviation Security. This experience ignited his interest in aviation.

Yadram Ramcharran, on the other hand, embarked on a four-year degree course at the Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School in September 2017. Despite facing financial challenges during the Covid period, he persevered and in December 2023, he successfully completed his associate degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, earning accolades for his abilities and performance. During his student training, he gained practical experience through ‘on the job training’ at Ogle Airport with CAMS and Omni Helicopters.

Somant and Yadram will begin rigorous academic and flight training, culminating in obtaining a Commercial Helicopter License with an Instrument Flight Rating. This comprehensive, industry-accredited, pilot training program is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the rigorous operating standards of the offshore helicopter sector. Upon graduation, they will spend time building flight experience before progressing to be trained on larger offshore helicopters.

Duncan Moore, CEO of Offshore and Onshore International at Omni Helicopters International said “This is an important milestone for OHGI and the aviation community in Guyana as we welcome Somant and Yadram to our team as Guyana’s first offshore Ab-initio pilots. We are confident that their talent, dedication, and passion for aviation will drive them to great things and also be an inspiration to others in Guyana seeking a flying career. Creating new opportunities for our national team remains one of our key priorities and adds to more than half of our workforce who are already from Guyana. We will continue to make these investments in service of the goal of one day having an entirely Guyanese team.”

Upon successful completion of their training, the new pilots will join OHGI´s team, further strengthening the company’s commitment to safety, excellence, and innovation in aviation.

About Omni Helicopters International : Omni Helicopters International (OHI), founded in Portugal in the 90s, stands at the forefront of Latin America's air mobility and delivery solutions sector. As the region's largest provider of these services, OHI caters to diverse customer groups across multiple segments, ensuring seamless and efficient solutions.

Through its subsidiaries Omni Taxi Aéreo in Brazil, Omni Helicopters Guyana Inc., and Omni Helicopters International Mozambique, OHI offers unmatched capability and capacity to serve offshore customers in the fastest growing offshore energy markets. The company's extensive portfolio includes Crew Change, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Firefighting, Search and Rescue operations, as well as highly specialized Cargo and Utility services in remote and challenging locations.

In line with its commitment to innovation, OHI has two groundbreaking ventures: OHI Unmanned, a specialist division focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) services, and Revo, a premium advanced air mobility (AAM) solution provider.

Location : GY Georgetown Ogle Intl

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