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  • NEWS | Hill Helicopters HX50

    Hill Helicopters Announces HX50

    Hill Helicopters unveiled the HX50 scheduled to perform first flight in 2022


    Hill Helicopters Announces HX50

    Helis, August 24, 2020 - Hill Helicopters from Staffordshire, UK unveiled its new disruptive, ground-up helicopter, the HX50. It is a five-seat, turbine-powered, 500-horsepower rotorcraft oriented to the luxury market.

    Designed by a team led by aeronautics engineer Dr. Jason Hill, Ph.D., the HX50 features composite structure and rotor system and an elevated VIP interior design.

    β€œThe only way to create something that is truly groundbreaking is to design from the ground up, giving equal focus to aerospace design, performance, and safety as well as to the artistic and experiential aspects β€” including comfort, ergonomics, intuitive technology, and luxury. The HX50 brings all of this together to deliver a truly unique aircraft and experience.”, said Hill, founder and CEO of Hill Helicopters.

    HX50 specifications

    Gross weight: 3,630 lbs (1,650 kg)
    Empty weight: 1,870 lbs (850 kg)
    Payload: 1,760 lbs (800 kg)
    Cargo: 60 lbs (27 kg)
    Fuel: 700 lbs (317 kg)
    Length: 32 feet (9.8 m)
    Width: five feet (1.6 m)
    SHP: 500 HP
    T/O power: 440 HP
    Continuous power: 400 HP
    Max cruise speed: 140 kts (at max gross weight up to 10,000 feet)
    Fuel burn: 35 gph at 140 kts; 22 gph at 110 kts
    Capacity: five people, including pilot

    The HX50 is currently in the advanced design phase, with three prototypes scheduled to begin flight testing in 2022. The first deliveries are anticipated to take place in 2023.

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