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    NEWS | Eurocopter Tiger ARH in Australian Army Aviation

    Australian Army Tigers Aboard Canberra for IPE 19

    Australian Army’ Tiger helicopters aboard HMAS Canberra for Indo Pacific Endeavour (IPE) deployment


    Australian Army Tigers Aboard Canberra for IPE 19

    Helis, May 02, 2019 - Australian Army’ 1st Aviation Regiment Tiger attack helicopters have joined HMAS Canberra for important amphibious training with the Indo Pacific Endeavour (IPE) Task Force.

    The focus of this mission is to train and qualify the members on operating in a joint environment at sea.

    Exercises such as IPE 19 promote security, stability and enhance the Australian Defence Force’s capacity to respond to partner nations during times of crisis throughout the region.

    The joint task force comprises HMA Ships Canberra, Newcastle, Parramatta and Success.

    IPE 19 will encompass a wide range of activities including disaster assistance planning, multinational naval manoeuvres and training serials with partner security forces.

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    Eurocopter Tiger ARH in Australian Army Aviation
    1st Aviation Regiment Australian Army Aviation     Australian Army
    HMAS Canberra ( LHD 02, Canberra class )
    HMAS Newcastle ( FFG 06, Adelaide class )
    HMAS Parramatta ( FFH 154, Anzac class )
    HMAS Success ( AOR 304, Durance class )
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