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    NEWS | Ka-226T in Russian Helicopters

    First Circular Flight for Ka-226T “Climber”

    The upgraded Russian Helicopters Ka-226T makes its first circular flight. The helicopter was dubbed “Climber” due to its suitability for high altitude flights


    First Circular Flight for Ka-226T “Climber”

    Rostec, January 03, 2022 - On December 30, the upgraded Ka-226T light helicopter completed its first circular flight at the flight-testing facility of the Mil and Kamov National Helicopter Center (part of Russian Helicopters).

    The helicopter has undergone major modernization, which has increased its capabilities for flights in high altitude.

    In particular, it has a new design of the fuselage, thereby significantly improving the aerodynamics of the aircraft and also updated many of the helicopter's systems.

    In mountains over 2,500 meters helicopter pilots face special conditions that are very different from those of flat terrain. In addition to the nuances of the relief in flight, pilots need to take into account the mountainous microclimate, which sometimes brings surprises in the form of powerful air currents and turbulence zones that tend to push the aircraft to the slope, sharp fog or temperature changes.

    The low atmospheric pressure in the mountains makes the engine and other helicopter systems perform poorly, which requires great skill from the pilots.

    Climber helicopter

    The Ka-226T "Climber" is the latest modification of the Ka-226T multipurpose helicopter, developed in 2008. Thanks to the coaxial design and the innovations introduced, this aircraft has become an ideal option for flights in the high altitude terrain.

    Due to the absence of a tail rotor, the coaxial helicopter is more compact and maneuverable, which gives it advantages in mountainous terrain and limited landing opportunities. In addition, the coaxial design provides good handling at the most extreme altitudes in thin air conditions, resistance to strong crosswinds and a high rate of climb.

    Many changes have been introduced in the new version of the Ka-226T. The designers have created a new aircraft with improved aerodynamics with the helicopter body being made of modern lightweight materials. The control system and the electrical system underwent modernization, a new suite of flight-navigation and radio communication equipment was installed. Significant updates also includes a new main rotor, blades and main gearbox.

    The fuel system has not only become crash resistant but now has increased size fuel tanks which allows a longer flight range.

    One of the features of the previous variant of the Ka-226T was the Arrius 2G1 engine manufactured by the French company Safran Helicopter Engines. However, in 2018, the United Engine Corporation (UEC, part of Rostec) began working in the substitution of the French power plant with the Russian VK-650V engine. In addition to the Ka-226T, it will be installed on the Ansat helicopter and others of similar class.

    The VK-650V engine has a takeoff power of 650 hp with a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) BARK-5V. The type certificate for the power plant is planned to be obtained in 2023.

    The upgraded Ka-226T was first unveiled at the MAKS 2021 International Aviation and Space Salon. Its foreign debut took place at the Dubai Airshow 2021.

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    VK-650V engine

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