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    NEWS | ka-52 alligator in Russian Helicopters

    Upgraded Ka-52M Combat Helicopter

    Russian Helicopter is working on the Ka-52M, an upgrade of the gunship helicopter based on the combat experience during the Syrian conflict


    Upgraded Ka-52M Combat Helicopter

    Helis, October 02, 2020 - Based upon the Syrian conflict experience, Russian Helicopters is developing an upgrade variant of the Ka-52.

    Development of the Ka-52M started in 2019. The prototype first flew last August at the Progress Aircraft Company and the engineering program for the final upgraded configuration is expected to be completed in 2022.

    The new Ka-52M helicopter features an upgraded longer-range opto-electronic target detection and identification system, a new digital designator that will help increase the aiming accuracy of the gun, an active phased array radar (APAR) and a longer-range missiles.

    "The Ka-52M’s missile armament has been standardized with those of the also new Mi-28NM helicopter which has made it possible to considerably increase the range of striking targets", Russian Helicopters Group CEO Andrei Boginsky said.

    The upgraded helicopter can operate in any temperatures, including in Arctic conditions. Its landing gear is outfitted with wheels with a higher capacity and a LED-based lighting equipment while the pilots’ cabin features a new interior.

    The flight tests of the Ka-52M will be carried out by specialists of Mil and Kamov National Helicopter-Building Centers and will continue later by the customer.

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    ka-52 alligator in Russian Helicopters
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