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  • NEWS | Marenco SwissHelicopter SKYe SH09

    Marenco at Heli-Expo 2013

    Marenco SwissHelicopter, March 05, 2013 - Marenco Swisshelicopter Ltd. is thrilled to participate to its third Heli Expo, held this year in Las Vegas, USA. Our team and Martin Stucki, the founder of the company and designer of the SKYe SH09, will be present on the show where we will describe our progress to our clients, prospects and suppliers. We have so much to show and to say from the on-going assembly of the Prototype, the enduring testing of our components and the advancing Type Certification process.

    Visit us – BOOTH N3712: On this first day of the Show, Marenco swisshelicopter Ltd. is proud to announce the selection of HELIFLITE Pty Ltd. to become its Distributor in Australia, New Zealand and the whole of Oceania.

    Heliflite Pty Ltd has been a leading distributor of helicopters for over thirty six years and has proven its professionalism in all areas of the industry from new aircraft sales, to training and after-sales services. It is an honour for our company to be represented at such an early stage by a pioneer company of our helicopter business.

    We are certain that Heliflite will support the foundations for the entry of the SKYe SH09 helicopter into this large helicopter-friendly market, giving us the best of their dynamic strategy and talented team.

    About SKYe SH09: With a Maximum Take-Off Weight of 2,650 kg (5,842 lbs) the SKYe SH09 helicopter offers exceptional hot and high performance, a flexible engine concept and a low noise signature thanks to the newly developed dynamic assemblies and shrouded tail-rotor.

    The modularity of the cabin makes the most of the flat floor and the unique high ceiling concept, offering multiple seating arrangements of 1 Pilot + up to 7 passengers, all with individual crashworthy seats. The rear access to the cabin is facilitated by the large clamshell doors; addressing the passenger transport and emergency evacuation roles of the helicopter.

    With a fast cruise speed of 260 km/h (140 knots) it will also offer very long range - in excess of 800km (430 nautical miles) with standard 800L fuel tanks. SKYe SH09 is of particular interest to operators who wish to avail of a remarkably versatile machine with additional power, greater payload capacity, and augmented sling load capability of 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs).

    About Marenco Swisshelicopter (MSH): The Marenco Swisshelicopter Company is the result of combining the engineering expertise of Marenco Ltd. and a team of highly qualified helicopter specialists, pilots and aviation experts. Marenco Swisshelicopter Ltd. was founded in 2007 for the direct purpose of developing, building and commercializing new concepts of light turbine helicopters. With this industrial visionary concept, Marenco Swisshelicopter Ltd. developed a new generation of helicopter built with a design that concentrates on the key notion of competitive superiority, modularity, advanced ergonomics and with the integration of the best choice of materials.

    About Heliflite Pty. Ltd.: Heliflite is one of the leading helicopter companies in Australasia and has been proudly providing sales, service and spare parts support to the helicopter industry since 1977. Heliflite provides a complete service meeting all of your requirements including sales, service, spare parts, pilot training, brokerage, finance and insurance. Heliflite offers a dedicated factory-trained licenced engineer for all-round technical advice to remote clients and regional service centres when required. !Heliflite has full service network coverage with wholly owned facilities located in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.

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