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    NEWS | Mil Mi-38 in Russian Helicopters

    Second Mi-38T to Russian Ministry of Defense

    Kazan helicopter plant, part of Russian Helicopters, delivered the second Mi-38T to the Russian Ministry of Defense


    Second Mi-38T to Russian Ministry of Defense

    Russian Helicopters, January 02, 2020 - Kazan - Russian Helicopters, part of the Rostec state corporation, handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense the Mi-38T helicopter manufactured by the Kazan Helicopter Plant.

    This is the second aircraft of this series delivered to the Ministry of Defense as part of the State Defense Order. The Russian Ministry of Defense received the first serial Mi-38T helicopter in 2019.

    During the acceptance tests and acceptance they plant performed quality controls of all components. Inspection of the production serial helicopter in the final assembly line was carried out with the operational check of all systems.

    The Mi-38T is based on the certified civilian Mi-38 helicopter variant and fully equipped for transport and air assault for up to 40 paratroopers. The helicopter also can be converted into a medical evacuation ambulance and can accept installation of additional fuel tanks to increase the flight range. The Mi-38T can reach a maximum speed of up to 300 km/h.

    On November 23, 2018, the prototype Mi-38T helicopter made its first flight. In May 2019, the first production airframe was shown to President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his visit to Kazan. In June, the Mi-38T first appeared at the Army-2019 forum / MAKS-2019 air show where it made its debut as part of a flight exhibition together with other Russian Helicopters models.

    The Mi-38 is equipped with the new highly efficient TV7-117V domestic-made engines, an integrated digital flight-navigation system in a glass cockpit with 5 LCD displays. The installed on-board equipment, IBKO-38, provides the crew with all the necessary information, reduces load of crew tasks and ensures a high level of safety when flying. Depending on the customer’s requirements, it is possible to arrange the cabin with removable seats, sanitary equipment or roller wheels to facilitate transporting cargo.

    Capable of performing missions from transport to search and rescue, the Mi-38 can operate in a wide range of climatic conditions as marine, tropical or cold weather. A planned first derivative of the Mi-38T is a specialized "Arctic" version.

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